My Top 14 Disney World Moments

What moments stick out to you in your life when you are vacationing? Is it just a peaceful day that you felt such tranquility that you will remember it forever? Was a day that was so wild you never could forget it? For me, I have a lot of those.

When I sat down to draft this blog post I realized that I am very fortunate to have spent so many days at Disney in my life. My family even did without a dryer to dry our clothes in for several years just to save money to go to Disney World. Disney World is not the cheapest vacationing location. But I can say that there are many ways to lower the cost of going if you really try.

This is now a closed attraction where this picture was taken. It was the Frozen snow activity in Hollywood studios. It was real snow inside!
My biggest moments regarding Disney are many years apart. From new life, to new journeys, and new adventures, all of these moments are connected to Disney World for me. This might give you some insight on why Disney World means so much to me. These are done in chronological order not ranked.

1) "Mine, mine, mine." With a pretzel in one hand and cotton candy in the other I can still remember my parents telling me that I was going to be a big sister. I will always remember that because I remember throwing the biggest tantrum of my life that day. The pretzel hit the ground and the cotton candy managed to hit  a puddle melting it instantly. And a few months later Garth was born. And for the record, I still didn't like him. It took several years for us to even like each other. Ok so we just started getting along when he became of legal age. That's not one of the best memories but it does rank in the top memories I think about when asked.

2) ""Next one is kind of funny because I have talked about it so much like here and of course over at They Met at Disney. When I met Vin, of course, is in my top moments. How could I forget that trip? Our school decided to go to Disney World instead of Washington D.C because of 9/11 had happened. So we went to Disney World. I had no idea what God was doing in my life when I was just 11 years old. He was setting me up for many more amazing things.

3) A few years later my high school choir was to be apart of the Candlelight Processional at EPCOT for Christmas. My parents were so proud and dad managed to be there, but he wasn't apart of the field trip. He was just there with my brothers. I felt so magical to be up there on stage with Neil Patrick Harris. He does the Candlelight Processional really well. To me that was so special.

4) On that same trip I met a boy that had the nickname, Brad, who turned out to be Vin. In my defense, he had quite the blue mohawk and several piercings, none of which, he has now. Plus he never went by another name the entire trip. He reminded me a few people, but I do that a lot anyhow. But I have to admit. I fell in love with the "bad boy" on that trip. That was what I truly started to realize just what love was. Everyone told me I was crazy...

No this isn't him, but it is our friend Dylan. 

5) "Make a wish, wishes, and your wish will come true." Fast forward a few years and Bryant was just five years old. We had found out he had cancer. I was holding him in my arms. I was in college and hated that my little brother might be dying. We had seen the Wishes fireworks several times. But that moment singing it with him and begging God in a heartfelt prayer while it was exploding over us, I prayed that God would let my little brother live. And after six years he is in remission.

6) The big moment I remember after this was something I had striven for since I had graduated from college. I became a Disney Vacation Club member! I was so excited. I remember my aunt asking over and over if I was sure. I slapped my Disney Visa down and grinned at him. I was sure! I have greatly enjoyed being a DVC member for two years now. It is one of the best things I have ever purchased!

7)  I waited a long time in my life to have a true boyfriend. I didn't really date. College there was a small incident but it fizzled out. Yes, I did date a little. When I decided to date I was moving back to Alabama from Washington two years ago. I decided to date a guy from Alabama. Well things were not working out between the two of us. He was ready to go back to his baby's mama anyhow and I was ready to have a real man. He dumped me while I was at Disney. I actually forced him to do the breaking up. How? Well he told me he cheated on me... I told him that I forgave him. It floored him and unnerved him. Disney kept me together during that breakup. And that breakup lead me to the best of friends and back to the man that I belong with in my life.

8) When number 7 happened I had a trip already planned with that guy and his mom, so I had two vacant spots on my trip that I had already paid in full. While that mom was griping that I should have still let her go, she should have been grateful I didn't make her pay and I found someone else to go instead of her and her son. I found Vin and his daughter, Rain. Vin had asked me to go steady with him before the trip. We remembered each other from college. And it felt like old friends. But Vin did something absolutely amazing one night on that trip. We were where we met all those years before and he kissed me. Dipped me backwards and kissed me.

9) During that other relationship (the bad one) I was told that I was too lazy to run a half marathon. That I didn't have the drive and the perseverance. Well I ran not only the Princess Half Marathon but the 10K as well which qualified me for the glass slipper challenge. It felt so amazing to run! And now I'm very addictive to running Disney races. But what I did learn from this is don't tell me I can't do something, you will be proven wrong.

10) I will always remember being abroad and walking on the beach when I got the news of working for the Disney company! That will always stand out in my mind. I was seriously thinking that morning how my life couldn't be more blessed. It was hugely blessed and it got a lot more as the day went on. I was so excited!

11) While I was working for Disney a huge moment of Disney happened for me. One that really impacts my life from now on. Vin propose to me in Walt Disney World. I was really shocked as I turned around and there he was on one knee. I can just remember thinking "Wow he is in front of me." I can also remember the flashing of the camera. The shock of him doing it front a huge crowd. I said yes btw. No this wasn't the first time he proposed, but it was the first time he proposed that it wasn't with his grandmother's ring and it was with the custom ring he designed for me.

12) Another amazing moment was the first trip with all my kids (at the time!) Seeing their faces as they seen the castle for the first time. It's one of those things that is just amazing. Sometimes it can get a little overwhelming for a child because they are wanting to see everything. My little Luna was like that. I remember her tugging on my hand as she saw the balloons in a huge pile and hiding behind that cloud of balloons was a castle. Her little mouth made the perfect O. It was priceless.

13) As a child growing up I only went to Disneyland twice. Since starting my "Disney Journey" as I call my trips nowadays I have been several times. It takes some getting used to when you have been to Disney World all of your life. But then remember that the steps you take as you walk into Magic Kingdom are the steps Walt himself took will give you goosebumps. It's fascinating to me.

14) When the time came up at the beginning of this year for my first full marathon, I was scared to death. I had done quite a few half marathons by that point. There was no turning back and while I still prefer half marathons, doing the Disney full marathon is worth it! I loved being able

*Bonus* Planning to run all of the RunDisney Races available looms over me. But I am prepared now. I am not the same girl anymore that was told I didn't have stamina to do even a half marathon. I am the girl that looks 48.6 miles in the face and laughs through the entire races! I am ready for this. I now love running. Every time I get tired I remember how it felt when someone said I was too lazy and I wasn't too needy. That right there made it work for me. I might be Dopey but I'm not needy!

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