Mini Currents 08. 15. 15

May the Force be with you...... Because Disneyland and Disney World is getting a galaxy far, far away! Yep it's officially out that Star Wars Land is coming and it's gonna be big; 14 acres each! Plus Disney World is getting Toy Storyland and there is a rumor of Carsland. Not to mention that Soarin is getting an upgrade! As you can tell I have had a lovely time at D23! I have seen the apparel that is going to hit the Disney stores which has me really excited.

I have enjoyed knowing about the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Plus there is still more to come. It's like Disney info overload for me. But I have loved this so much. I must do this every year! That way I can give you all of the details and hopefully next year tweet about it live for you!

Tonight has been very special to me because I have had time with the Lord, but also time with my best friend. We enjoyed a great Bible study together! I can just see us in the future with some scripture tea and our Bibles!

Enjoy your weekends! I will be enjoying mine, no matter how many people to try bring me down!

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Chicken minis at Chickfila

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Prayer is a conversation between two people who love each other -you and the Lord-and you don't have to use fancy or religious words to dialogue with him.

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Last Day of D23 tomorrow

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