Disney Questions Answered

Certain questions arise from someone who has never been to Disney World before and are going to experience it for the first time.

What is the number one mistake that is made with first time Disney planners?

To me the number one mistake that first time Disney planners make is they don't read enough. Don't expect that you travel agent is going to give you all the information you need, even if they claim they will. they are human and they will make mistakes too. But still you need to be informed about Disney if you are planning a trip. What happens if something unexpected comes up while you are on your trip? Like the monorail is down and you aren't sure how to get to another resort? Know the other transportation available.

Dining plan or no dining plan that is the question.

This depends really. If you have a large family that eats a lot, then I say yes. If you have a large family that mainly snacks throughout the day instead of meals, then I would say no. If you have a small family it really depends on your budget.

What dining options/plans would you suggest for the first time?

With the above answer being said I would still say that a family should do the dining plan first. That helps you find places you like. And snacks to enjoy! That's what's really important instead of worrying about money to cost for that snack. If you have the dining plan, you've paid for it already!

What is the top five (in room) items to pack?

This one is a rather tricky to answer. Things I can't room in Disney World without are a surge protector, Clorox Wipes, house shoes/slip-on shoes, blanket,  air freshner and/or wall flower.

Surge protector because you will probably have a camera, extra battery pack for phone, if not you should, laptop, possibly an iPad, and phone all to charge over night for the next day. And usually your spouse has just as much... Be prepared to charge.

Clorox Wipes because well as much as I love Mousekeeping lets face it there are still germs. I like to wipe down light switches, knobs, remotes, door handles, and the entire bathroom before we unpack.

House shoes or slip on shoes because you don't want to lace up shoes again to just go to the gift shop or not walk across the carpet at times. That's really a personal preference for me though.

Blanket because Mousekeeping makes the bed and has those sheets tucked in like Fort Knox! It's amazing how tight they make their sheets on their bed, so its easier for me to bring my own blanket to cuddle up with for afternoon napping. I also bring my own pillow.

Air Freshner/Wall Flower - I like having a trip smell. A trip smell is something that the room smells like and you can smell that smell and remember the memories. Air freshner can get rid of bathroom smells. And wall flowers are great for trip smells.

How do you plan for the first time?

Read, read, and read some more. I cannot tell you how irrating it is to see people not be prepared for things and then get grouchy at Disney personnel. Disney is in operation 365 of the year- yes Christmas Day is THE WORST DAY TO GO! Second worst day to go to Disney parks? New Year's Eve. It's crammed in there. So read! Sure you can get grouchy at the bus driver for only coming ever 20 minutes when you were the one running late for your reservation, but it's not ruining their day. Be prepared.

When is the best times to go?

Easily put-- When the kids are in school! It won't kill you kid to be out of school to make memories. I can attest to this from my childhood. But I'm homeschooling so we bring the school with us which my kids love.

What are the top events that happen at the parks in your opinion?

The Races
All Day events
The Christmas Party
The Halloween Party

What are the must have/can't miss souvenirs?

  • Ears
  • Pictures
  • Pens (They are free if you just ask the front desk for a pen!)
  • Mugs
  • Sticky notes

What items can you not enter the parks without?

Previously bought Disney Poncho. Sure you can get a 98 cent poncho at Walmart. But when it breaks... That's right if you buy a poncho at Disney ($8) if it rips they replace it--FREE!

Plastic bags - Place uneaten food in there. Keeps important things dry on a water ride. Place receipts. Just good to have.

A small snack - Food is expensive at Disney. A tiny on the go snack will stop you from being hangry.

Money - Credit cards, My Disney Visa always goes with me because just by showing it I get a 10% discount and I can use a different form of paying and still get the discount.

A Walking Pharmacy - Band aids, and medicine are all expensive at Disney. Bring your own. 

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