Fabulous Friday

So I was feeling kind of low yesterday, Thursday January 23. I really had no reason to at all to feel that kind of low. I honestly think that lack of sleep caught up with me being completely overwhelmed yesterday. I felt even worse when I was really snapping at people, but I just wanted people to give a little bit of unhappy time.

It wasn't until around midnight that I started feeling better. There had been some snow flurries and I went outside to enjoy them. I did a little bit of shoe shopping. And I was trying to work on some blog post but I just wasn't feeling it.

I went downstairs to pour me some more sweet iced tea. I was looking through the pantry when I heard the powdery little foot steps. I didn't even know Rain had stayed with us tonight instead of going with Vin to Chris's house. She looked up at me and came over and hugged my legs. Now everyone has been trying to cheer me up all afternoon, but the simple little gesture from a tiny person melted me instantly. I picked her up, grabbed the double stuffed Oreos, fixed her a sippy cup of milk, and toted her and the food back up to my bedroom. We watched some beauty videos and ate Oreos.

So Fabulous Friday is going to be my look-back at the fabulous week.


Mine and Vin's date where we had the whole baseball stadium to ourselves with music and P.F.Changs.
He even sang to me...


I was completely thrilled about getting two days of the December Disney Series posted! Day 4 & Day 5


My boyfriend, Vin, got us tickets to IMATs in New York!!!


Duck Dynasty meshed with the Golden Girls... Making Jep my new favorite Robertson brother!


I am nominated for a teaching award. It's a great honor. I feel like other teachers should be recognized before me though. 


Even though today hasn't completely finished, I know Rain hugging was the best thing that I needed. It reminded me that I'm not where I was three months ago. I have people who I know won't give up on me when things get tough. Who don't live a fantasy world and pretend the real world isn't going on. I have a world filled with God, vintage things, running, Twilight lovers, black cats, Frozen things, nail polish, glitter, cookies, Harry Potter, cake, Disney, food, baseball, French things, London things, tea, football, and love. 

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