Disney Trip Day 5: Resort Hopping and Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

Woohoo, another day that we got to sleep in a little! SCORE! Lol only by 30 minutes! And the song above? Well that's what Vin and I sang together while we got ready that morning because I remember that was the morning I asked "What up Moonpie?" because his outfit looked like something Sheldon Cooper would wear and thus began our Shenny relationship. And for the record our dance moves look like nerd moves. Me with the duck squats and him with doing the Egyptian walk.

So we road the bus to Magic Kingdom and then got on the monorail and rode it to the Polynesian Resort, which is the same resort hotel that had Ohana in it. We were eating at Kona for breakfast.

I had java juice (FAV!!) and macadamia pineapple pancakes with ham!

We then got back on the monorail to the Grand Floridian Resort Hotel. They are known for the gingerbread house that life size and actually has a store in it! I actually bought one of the $75 gingerbread houses. 

Lol remember this? The Grand Floridian is where I bought it!

We got back on the monorail and rode it to the Magic Kingdom where the group split up. They wanted to do the other hotels and my roommates (Vin, Rain, Edwin, Madame, and Carolina) wanted to continue on the Contemporary.
Contemporary from the monorail!
We went to the Contemporary Resort straight away for their gingerbread display. It wasn't as impressive as the Grand Floridian's but it was huge just the same.

We went to the bakery at Disney's Contemporary and got a few holiday cupcakes which Rain just had to have Elsa looking one.

After leaving the Contemporary we left and went to the Transportation Center and the Ticket office for Magic Kingdom and caught a bus to Hollywood Studio and from there got on the Boardwalk Resort bus.

Yep we got more holiday cupcakes to go! Plus a small snack too!

We walked our way over to the Yacht Club Resort and Beach Club Resort.

We ended up not going to the Yacht Club because Rain was so tired.

We caught what Disney calls a "Friendship Boat" and rode it back to Hollywood Studios while on the boat Rain fell sound asleep. We got on our bus to our resort. She slept through everything. She only woke up once to pull my jacket closer to her so I wrapped her in it.

When we got to the resort we went into the gift shop where Vin bought me a very fitting Tinkerbell personality shirt for me.
"Do I Look Like I've Had Enough Beauty Sleep?"

We went to the room and Rain snuggled right up in mine and hers bed with her Sophia doll. I busied myself with getting things ready for the Christmas party that night and freshening myself up. I changed into my Christmas shirt and put on my blinking earrings. Rain woke up and really wanted some juice so I walked her  down to the food court and let her get some juice. 

We left for Magic Kingdom since we had early supper reservations. Rain was all festive with her Christmas outfit and blinking necklace that matched Vin's. We were a "flashy" family. We had our party tickets ready and they gave us our party bands. 

After we had ate we decided to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Roller Coaster. Rain was too small to ride it and so she got to sit it out with my dad who she loves to call "Pappie."

After that we agreed to go watch the Country Bears Jamboree then stake us out a spoke for the parade. 

We didn't go far for our place to watch the parade. We sent Vin to get some hot chocolate and cookies since that was part of the Christmas party package, unlimited hot chocolate and cookies. He came back with apple juice and cookies. Bless them they took pity on those of us who can't take humidity well. 


We went for more apple juice and cookies and Rain was very excited because she got to see so many characters up close. Vin and I neither one have really good footage of when the Princess passed by because she was jumping on us and shaking our arms. 

After that we went and got a spot to watch Holiday Wishes Fireworks.


After the fireworks we went to go see some characters:

We got some more cookies and apple juice (this time I did get some hot chocolate instead.)

Rain was very excited. We rode Winnie the Pooh ride and the Prince Charming Carousel. I could tell when we headed toward the Storybook Circus she was getting sleepy. Sure enough while Vin was looking at the Christmas Party merchandise she wanted to be picked up and not long after she was asleep. We put her in the stroller and we decided that we would ride Splash Mountain. Rain slept in her stroller with my Aunt while we rode it. It was so much fun. Vin and I sat in the front and got soaking wet. Of course when we got off the ride we got more apple juice and cookies as we made our way out to our bus to get to the resort. It "snowed" on us on our way out. It was a lot of fun and we did manage to wake Rain up for a few minutes and she was so funny trying to catch them on her tongue but when she saw Vin's face when he caught one she stopped trying because they were "icky" snowflakes. We did a little shopping and she proceeded to fall back asleep.

The buses don't allow strollers to be unfolded so I carried our little Sleeping Beauty onto the bus. We had an amazing bus driver that night. He had been a bus driver for Disney for over 15 years. He had a lot of jokes to tell and was filled with information about the Disney parks and behind the scenes. Like Disney actually worked with the land so much that 3 different kinds of deer still call it home with all the bustle it has around it.

I got a bath that night and just relaxed. I watched some Duck Dynasty and then the Golden Girls. It felt nice.

Like I said I bought a tree and brought one as well. This one was in mine and Rain's room. It was fun because each morning her Elf on a Shelf left a small surprise for her. I just loved falling asleep in the light of a Christmas tree.

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