Christmas Year Round

Putting up the decorations for Christmas is not fun. Somehow there is more stuff that you had before when you were decking the halls. As you pack the totes, boxes, and bags of decorations back up there is a feeling of loneliness. And you get the totes, boxes and bags stored and you feel melancholy and a tiny bit proud that while your life is back to it's busy schedule you got the decorations put up.

You sit down and then woah was that a tiny plaid stocking attached to that knob? You stare at it first like it's a trick and then you get slightly angry and then you just sigh. I know this has happened to my parents before and now it's happening to the people around me.

For Vin's house it's a Thomas Kinkade clock that plays music each hour (and when it's dark it isn't as loud). For my room in Huntsville it's a wood sign that says believe. I told Vin that we weren't going to go through 10 boxes to put the things up.

Why? Because I sat and thought today when I seen that sign hanging on my bedpost. I wondered how in the world did I miss that? It's bright green and red, with bells even! My mind went further into why hadn't this simple object been put up. Then a thought crossed my mind. If these small treasures weren't put up I believe there was a reason why.

I feel like God was telling me "Use this as a sign to have the Christmas spirit year round." It's a simple reminder throughout the year to have the magic of Christmas in my heart, prayers, and attitude.

It's also nice to think that a part of Christmas stays with you. It's a very moving thing that would normally make people very mad. I'm glad I found a way to turn a negative into a positive.

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