Disney Trip Day 4: Animal Kingdom, Boma, Resort/Pool Time, and Magic Kingdom

Hope you love this video as much as I do and I thought it was totally fitting.

So Monday rolls around... Animal Kingdom Day.... I love Disney World don't get me wrong but Animal Kingdom is my least favorite day. Yay same animals I seen last time, yay the most walking at Disney, yay my favorite ride in Animal Kingdom was going through refurbishment (Kali Rapid River)... So no I was not excited on Monday morning.

I usually wear animal print when going to Animal Kingdom and this trip was no exception. I tried hard to stay pepped up for Rain. Because I know if I'm excited about something so will she will. I had to search in myself to think of cool things she would see.

So we were on the bus bright and early. I made everyone eat a breakfast bar since we wouldn't be having brunch until 11 and it was 7 in the morning.

The Tree of Life -- Fake Tree can withstand winds up 1000 MPH.

We went straight to the Safari since there was barely any wait. Rain and Vin both loved it. It was interesting seeing faces of people who had never got to see animals like that. Rain especially exciting to watch.

There is a viewing trail almost as soon as you get off the Safari Ride. So we went through there and we were all really glad we did because they had just put food out for the gorillas.

My aunt agreed to watch Rain while we rode Everest which looks like Mount Everest and even has the Yeti totally "ruin" your ride making you go backwards and forwards down the mountain. We rode it back to back since the wait wasn't long on the first ride and by the time we got off the wait time had turned into 25 minutes so we used our FastPass+. Vin loved it.

We then headed to Dinoland U.S.A where there are more kiddie kinds of rides. And Rain had a lot of fun. I wanted to ride the rides with her and the guys (Vin, Edward, Garth, and my dad) wanted to ride Dinosaur!. However that ride was having technical difficulties. Rain and I were having too much fun to even notice that they were back.

We then headed for one last attraction before going to eat and honestly I was amazed at how wonderful timing we had that morning. Usually Animal Kingdom puts me in horrible mood because of all the walking with nothing really to look at but rocks and trees. Inside the Tree of Life is a theater it used to house Pocahontas and her story now it houses It's Tough to Be A Bug an interactive theater (you get "stung", sprayed and squirted on) with the characters from.... A Bug's Life!

Rain seriously just loved this. She told everyone that a wasp stung her in the back and that a spider that was bigger than her bike that was going to come down on her head. After that we headed to the Animal Kingdom Lodge where we were eating at Boma for brunch.

The meals here are served all you can eat buffet style and it's sooo good. I do recommend the Nutty Monkey Bread Rolls. And if you can see if you can get the Zebra domes because trust me I love them! I can go through six in one sitting.

We went back to the Animal Kingdom for Rain to see Finding Nemo and she loved it but became very drowsy toward the end of it. So we went back to the resort hotel afterwards.

My boss Madame didn't want to go to the pool so while Rain took her nap the rest of us headed to the pool. I love pools at Disney they are never cold. People freak out that Disney has their pools open during the cold months, seriously people get with it's Disney and the pools are heated and are on a constant filtration. We enjoyed some resort exploration. Vin and I walked to the beach that our resort had. It was wonderful. You can't get in the water but just sitting in the sand, talking was wonderful. 

We went to the Yacht Club Resort for supper since Magic Kingdom was having Extra Magic Hours (only people staying at Disney Resorts can be in the parks.) We went to the steakhouse called Yachtsmen Steakhouse. It was beautiful. Vin nor I took pictures here because we still pretty drowsy from our naps. But the food woke us up from our stupor because it was time to go to Magic Kingdom! My stomach gives these little flips when I see Magic Kingdom for the first time! We took the bus to Magic Kingdom from the Yacht Club Resort.

I honestly had tears in my eyes watching Rain see the castle for the first time. She was just in amazement. She was so excited and watching her go "Oh wow. Woah. Wow. Oh woah." Made my heart swell. She was pointing so excitedly at me that I felt like a tiny tot myself seeing it for the first time.

We decided to ride the Magic Kingdom Railroad right away to get to Storybook Circus at the back of Magic Kingdom. Storybook Circus is a new part of the Magic Kingdom it just opened in 2012.

This below was the exit at Frontierland. We didn't get off here because Vin and I wanted Rain to ride Dumbo for the first Disney World experience. 

After getting off the train which Rain just loved the overhead conductor with his serious Midwest Twang. She loved that it was like a real train. She and I both got into a fit of giggles when a palm branch whacked Vin in the face while we were going through woods of Adventureland. 

So we jumped off the train at the Storybook Circus station and rode Dumbo and the Tea Cups!!

We then went to a dessert party to watch the nightly show of Wishes. Disney is the second buyer in the country of explosives, and only second to the military. They have nightly firework extravaganzas and even holiday ones.  

 After watching the fireworks while at the Dessert Party we continued onto the Tomorrowland. And we had to ride my favorite ride first. Carousel of Progress!!! I just love this!!!

After we left Tomorrowland we headed to the New Fantasyland add ons. We rode the Little Mermaid and looked around Gaston Tavern's and Belle's shop. We had a fantastic time. We rode Dumbo again and the Tea Cups again.

Mary Ann and Jessica seriously love this shirt because of an inside joke of theirs about "Someone We Use to Know."

I ended the day with a cup of tea in a Disney room supplied cup!

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