Review: Maybelline Blue Marks The Spot

Blue Marks the Spot

This is a requested review because honestly, I hadn't really looked at this product. Glance at something and see it and move on by the product. However, once I was asked to do the product review I thought what the heck and why not?

Maybelline Blue Marks The Spot has a semi-sheer, somewhat milky, blue base filled with small, medium and large black hexes & small medium and large white hexes. The Polka Dots  has a clear or semi-sheer jelly base that dries matte on the nail. It’s nice and thin so you can apply multiple layers without it becoming a gloppy mess. Three coats still shows a bit of VNL (visible nail line) but leaves it just opaque enough for a manicure. The glitter particles are well suspended, for the most part, but a good roll between your palms before application will help with even application. And yes, like most glitters, they are a pain to remove.

The other one I thought about getting was the orange which is called, Dotty, but honestly, orange, black, and white just scream Halloween to me. So I may go back and save it for Halloween for awesome look during the fall!

My thoughts? I didn't really care for it. It didn't stand out to me even after wearing it. I think they should have changed up the dots more especially for the different colors, why just white and black? To me it feels like they were rushed for a new polish idea and it was fully thought through. I personally like sparkling nail polish. I like to shine though. ;)

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