Fabulous Friday:1.31.13.

Ok so roll back to Saturday and this is how Fabulous the week was.....

This is how weird he is!!!

Ok so yeah Saturday was basically me shopping and watching YouTube Videos, not a bad day.

Sunday we went to church and worked on our Pinewood Derby Cars for the Boyscott Race.

This is mine. I won most creative.

Vin's who won most colorful.
Monday I spent the day at my old job and had lunch at Edgar's.
I highly recommend Edgar's at any of it's locations though I prefer the Tuscaloosa one!

Tuesday well by gosh we got snow, and a big mess. Not a "big messa snow" but snow and a big mess.

A little freaking how similar it was.

We had literally just come inside and our footprints were covered!

Wednesday pretty much left everyone stranded where ever they were already because of the ice. A few people made it home and all of the kids that had gotten stuck at home. We had "Christmas" again and had some snow ice cream and Alabama Firecrackers.

Thursday: What can be said about Thursday. Honestly I started the day off with a run and then had a seizure thanks to my blood sugar dropping so low. I had Olive Garden twice and Vin asked me to marry him. Wait what? Yup Vin asked me to marry him. 

And of course Fabulous Friday:

I'm engaged and yes we have now been through something that should have ripped us apart.

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