New Make-Up Websites

I may or may not turn this into a page like I did my beauty vlogs and blogs list.

Crown Brush - I seriously fell in love with the brush aprons. And the fact that they have disposable brushes so I can test people's make up is a dream come true! Twenty-five disposable mascara wands for $4? I'm sold.

Yaby Cosmetics - They sell grippies! At first was like what the heck are these disks? If you have a custom built palette from MAC or similar these will anchor your eye shadow because they are magnetic. Makes my life easier so yeah. The cream foundation looks awesome too.

Pari Beauty - They have excellent make-up. My friend showed me some swatches of their eye shadow and it's super pigmented.

ShopGlow - They have huge sets of eye shadow palettes, excellent looking lipstick, and they sell Real Technique brushes.

Morphe Brushes - Another dream come true! Excellent organization, brushes, and eye shadow galore.

Beauty So Clean - Omg I squealed when I seen this! It keeps your make up clean! All kinds of make-up which means the make up last longer!!!!

Bloody Mary Make Up - Not going to lie I bought something from here last night. Ok I bought a lot of stuff from this website last night I got so submerged in cosmetics that I had never seen before so I was hooked. Not to mention if I ever need fake blood I know where to go now...

Precious About Makeup - An UK store with make up.

Love Make Up - Another UK store but has a ton of make-up, brushes, ideas, etc. Love!

Bdellium Tools - Another brand of make up brushes to look at and they seem very high end!

Sauce Box Cosmetics - Love it! Love the eye shadows!

Star Gazer - I added this one because I didn't know if anyone had heard of them or not since they are UK but they have amazing eye products. Mary Ann gets her wild fake eyelashes here and I love their baked eye shadow.

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