Disney Trip Day 3: Downtown Disney, Resort Hopping, Epcot, and more Resort Hopping

Ahhh our first full day of Disney World and what do we do? Well we sleep in of course! I wasn't in full panic about making sure everyone was at the bus stop at 7:05 A.M. this morning because I knew we were just going to Downtown Disney.

But then again my body was on Disney time so yeah I was up at 5:05 A.M. on the dot. I got up made me some tea and read my Bible from the balcony. Edwin (my childhood friend) woke next about an hour later and came out there and thanked me again for bringing him again. He went to go wake up Carolina (brave man too) and I went in to find Rain playing with my make-up brushes. She completely freaked out and I told her it was ok. So I showered quickly and then automatically afterwards started running a bath for Rain.

Vin grabbed a shower while I was giving Rain a bath. Thank goodness for us having a Jacuzzi tub and a walk in shower that was walled in instead of glass. I was doing my hair and make-up (and Rain's make-up) when Vin asked if he could have some of my tea. I told him to go ahead.

We were ready really quick and down to the bus stop we went. My boss, Madame, was walking beside me talking about how much of a breeze the drive down had been when Rain grabbed my hand. I swung her upon my hip. She always smells like blueberries and vanilla and makes me grin.

We were on the bus and I started teaching her bus hand games with my sister in-law, Emily. Emily kept her entertained while I talked to my brother. It wasn't a long ride and my crew (me, Vin, Carolina, Madame, Rain, Edwin, my dad, my aunt Charlene, Garth, his wife Emily, Bryant and George) were the only ones on the bus. We got off at the Marketplace part of Downtown Disney (far east end)

We all split up after getting off the bus knowing we all had to meet up for brunch at T-Rex. We went into Once Upon A Toy
Disney's Days of Christmas
Mickey's Pantry
Spice & Tea Exchange
Arribas Brothers
World of Disney
Ghirardelli Ice Cream and Chocolate Shop
Earl of Sandwich

Rain and I now have matching tiara's!

We all met at T-Rex and there is a Build-A-Dino inside and it's much like a Build-A-Bear. They also have an area where you can dig in the sand for dino bones. Rain of course had to do both. She was so excited when I told her I had the pink dino at home called Poppy. She of course had to have the pink dino too then. She named hers Pinka and was very proud of the wish she put on her dino's heart. I was told later in a whispered secret, "I wished you would stay forever and ever."

They have a "meteor shower" and the dinosaurs start moving while you eat. We all loved it. It was delicious and we had a great time. But all good things come to an end. My dad and I asked everyone if they would like to resort hop and view some of the other resorts. Garth, Emily and George didn't feel like going to Epcot just yet or resort hopping so guess who got to carry all the items we had bought? Those three.

Uh oh......... Who is this dancing snowman!?!!! Why it's Olaf, who likes warm hugs!!!! I think my arm was almost pulled out of socket with Rain tugging me over to look at Olaf. This was around where later on at night you can see Santa. Rain cared nothing about Santa was so excited at the character statues but mainly Olaf's. We got onto the the boat to take us to Port Orleans French Quarter which is a resort to make you feel like you are in the heart of New Orleans!

We didn't stay long at all at the French Quarter but it is a Moderate Resort which means it's in the middle, it has more Christmas decorations than the Value resorts who just put a single tree but they do not go all out like the Deluxe resorts but it was very pretty and one thing I love is that Disney even decorating for Christmas stay true to their resort theme. 

We got on their bus to Epcot! 

The building is actually the cooking part of the restaurant we at in Epcot it's called Le Cellier Steakhouse. There are no pictures inside because this place has no windows and the dimmest lighting on the planet. It's super dark in there. The food was incredible though. They had such a creamy potato soup that I could have ate 4 more bowls of it. We didn't take long to eat here. We had originally made plans to use this restaurant to watch the Candlelight Processional but we decided not to watch that this time. It was a family vote. While everyone else in the park was watching shows we were shopping and riding rides!

My aunt thought the name of the soap was hilarious. She actually bought some to put in my dad's stocking for Christmas as a funny present.

There is an internal boat that will take you from the back of Epcot to the middle so the next few pictures are those waiting for that boat and on the boat. 

We were going to ride Test Track but then realized it was almost time for our last meal of the day at Ohana. So we just left our cars and hopped aboard the monorail (a electric car/really long limo that is completely off the ground).

See my awesome car!?!! Makes that little Legend look like a dust mites....

We arrived at the Polynesian Resort where the restaurant called Ohana is and we were having a VERY late supper. Our reservation wasn't until 9:05 PM but we got there early so we got to go in early!

And we rode the monorail to the Magic Kingdom to catch a bus to our resort since the monorail doesn't go to our hotel. While we were walking to the bus stop at Magic Kingdom we got to see the Water Parade that circles the Magic Kingdom resorts.

We got back to the villa and I had to race Edwin to the shower. He totally cheated and pushed me backwards. So I gave Rain a bath while Vince went to get us some drinks from the food court in our reusable mugs we had gotten the night before. I called it a night after I got a bath. I went to sleep watching the Golden Girls and yet I could hear the Golden Girls playing in the living room as well where Vin and Edwin were going to sleep on the couch bed. 

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