Rain's Post

Rain loved this song one morning while getting ready with me. I'm pretty sure there was a lot of giggling and some pancakes made to this song. 

Who is Rain? The cutest four year old on the planet. She is my boyfriend's adopted daughter who is really his niece. He got custody of her when his brother died. Yes, Vin loves and takes better care than anyone so before you start thinking there goes his life wasted. Not really, he said his life didn't really have a whole lot of meaning until Rain was born and then when she became his, he said he regained a lot of his youth. So no judging and if you do just a reminder I am his girlfriend and I don't mind telling you what's wrong with your life. We don't live to please you.

Rain is completely a mini me in a lot of ways. For starters we look a lot a like, and request of Vin, I cannot post pictures of her yet and I'm respecting him. She loves everything Disney except she is more a Princess Girl I am more of a Tinkerbell Girl. She and I watched the Tinkerbell movies together one day and it amazes me how much we look like Tinkerbell even though Rain thinks she looks like Elsa. But that's ok. 

She loves to dance and we have danced around Vin's house while singing and swinging our hips and hair. She is tough girl she can bow hunt very decently already. She actually shot her first squirrel Christmas Day and I was very proud. She loves bubbles in her tub. She loves cotton candy and caramel apples. And just like me at that age she pretends apple juice is tea.

We like to pretend we are fancy and I cut our lunch sandwiches in the shapes of hearts and we sip our drinks with our pinkies out. If we are having spa time and we run out of cucumber well there is plenty of banana slices to try out for us. And the rest of the banana is great for making banana hair mask.

So that's basically Rain in a wonderfully, crafted nutshell. I had a request for her carry on bag. I am going to list it below and please be advise this is in no way bragging. We had a 10 hour flight to London and she was just 3 (lol she had a birthday two days after we arrived.)

Rain's Carry-On: I did pack this so that's why it's organized. I had to quickly purchase items on Amazon Prime and Zappos for all of us (not so much Vin since he has traveled abroad before in his life).

Her bag: 17" Roll Along Tote in Boysenberry

A quick side note. I use both Mac and PC and Vin was the smart one that said he thought we could put one laptop in Rain's carry-on and me put the other one in mine.

Undercover Bear Agent Potts - Agent Potts used to be mine. I now have Agent Yoyogi. This is freaking fantastic. It's a soft material pillow... That's can also be a blanket and an inflatable pillow! The reason they have different names is because of the colors.
Pack-It Quarter Cube - I put an extra charger for her DVD player, a charger her iPad mini (yes she has a tablet, don't yell at me yell at Uncle Vinny on his blog), a screen cloth, battery pack in case the iPad mini couldn't be charged for some reason. Belkin Rockstar Multi-Headphone Splitter - Rain loves to watch movies with us, this way we can all do so quietly.

iPad mini

DVD player

CD case filled with DVDs.

Kidz Gear Wired Headphones For Kids - Pink - Being a teacher I did some MAJOR research before just buying headphones for Rain. These by far had the best sound quality and reviews for toddlers and kids in her age group. I packed these in Memory Pouches from Thirty-One Gifts.

I put a toothbrush travel holder with some drinking straws in there since I did not pack juice in her carry on with TSA regulations. I figured she would get something on the plane or after we got through security.

Vera Bradley 3-1-1 Cosmetic in Blue Bayou  - I used this for her TSA quart bag, it meets the regulations so it's perfect! In hers I packed:

Pack-It Specter Sac - I packed her some socks, undies, and a scarf into this little sheer but very durable bag.

Duck Dynasty Graphic Tee and Denim Leggings

Jelly Binder Pouch - loose crayons instead of in the box and few markers.

I added a Clear Plastic Envelope with Velcro Closure to hold a Disney coloring book, some stickers, and a blank paper.

In a homemade drawstring bag added her favorite books.

And of course her plush Olaf and Duffy! She wanted to bring the 18 inch Olaf (it's her favorite) and we wouldn't let her.

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