UK Clothing and Bits and Bobs Haul

January 5th and 6th we did some shopping all over the city. It was fun because you got to see the landmarks and get something at the same time.

River Island 

- I also learned that they are teamed up with a foundation in the UK where it helps supports children that are disabled. Let's just say I wanted to buy twice as much after finding that out.

Star Print Cropped Shirt
Burgundy Leather Looking Shorts
Black Lace Dress
Christmas Watch
Rose Gold Dress
Pink Velvet Skirt
Black Lace Belted Maxi Dress
Black Embellished Peep Toe Heels
Gold Zebra Jeggings
Pink Oversized Jumper
Two Tone Long Sleeve Peplum Top
Crochet Detail Ballerina Top

Rain's River Island Haul
Orange Pink Fluffy Jumper
Grey Foil Dress
Military Black boots
Slouch boots
Addicted to Fashion Shirt
Tartan R Sweatshirt and Tartan Leggings

Like I said it was super fun to shop here. It was well stocked and the sales were great.


Minnie Mouse socks
Minnie Mouse onesie - Yes this is for me!
Lemon Jumper
Jewelled Jumper
Jingle My Bells Jumper

Rain only got some tights here. She didn't want any of the Minnie Mouse items.


Sweater with Rhinestone Patches
Long Cardigan  - I am super excited about this piece. I love walking around in a tshirt and leggings but having this for when it gets too cold will be awesome!
Flower Printed Top
Leather Detail Ballerina Shoes

Rains's Haul
Coeur Shirt
Long Puffer Jacket Fur trim hood
T-Shirt Bow
Tough Girl Shirt
London Shirt
Rock Me Shirt
Cardigan with Fauex Leather Pockets
Zara Riding Boots
Glitter Ballet Slippers


Grumpy Boyshorts Underwear
Paddington Bear Boyshort Underwear
Chiffon Top Sequin Skirt Dress - I had the hardest time deciding if I wanted the blue or the black. I ended up with the black. It looked more elegant than the blue which was just flashy.
Satin Mini Knickers
Velvet Strap Burgundy Lace Bra - +Vincent Mallone picked out the next three things
Burgundy Lace Brazilian Thong
Mint Eyelash Lace Mini
Mint Eyelash Lace Bralet
Bird Midi Ring
Platform Wedge Booties - I know those who live with me or near just groaned. I wear these all the time and now I have two pairs!
Sequin Present Jumper
Teal Sequin iPhone 5 purse

Rain's itty bitty haul
Animal Crayons


Yes we did bring a few birthday presents for Rain. But we also let her pick out a few items while we are here. And here I will add that I literally had to grab Vincent's hand and pull to get him away from Harry Potter corner and after that was the Doctor Who section...

Pop-Up London Book - This I got her to give to her when we get home with little notes that I am going to write in the book as a keepsake for her later on in life.
Stories for Bedtime - She was very excited about this set. I think my London craze has had some effect on her. This has Royal Bedtimes stories and Fairytale Bedtime stories.
Paddington Suitcase Set - I pulled her in my lap in the store and read one of the books. She got a Paddington Bear while we were at Disney World in the UK to keep her Duffy company. So we got the set of books.
Disney Sofia The 1st Tea Lesssons

And we turned a corner and I squealed! My older cousin used to have these animal characters that we like a playhouse family. I still have the hand me down pieces in storage and now..... Rain has to add to that.
Sylvanian Families We did get a few sets and I promised her I would buy a few of the houses and have them shipped to the US from online.

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