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When you're in need of some TLC, which products do you turn to for your:


Macadamia Deep Repair Hair Mask - I don't think I will ever stop purchasing this in my life! From chemically treated hair to over usage of heat products this will make it nice and soft and correct your hair!

Big Shampoo - We know I love this but when my hair has taken a beating from oil, sweat, and dirt this will clear it up.


Soap and Glory Hand Food Hand Cream - Love the smell and doesn't leave my hands greasy.

Lemony Flutter - Great hands and cuticles.


FCS Cupcake Body Butter - This smell so delicious like I could almost lick it off my skin. It doesn't leave any greasy residue at all!

Lovely Jubblies - The girls need special attention too.

Pink Luminous Body Butter Warm and Cozy  - It makes me just want to crawl into a gigantic sweater and relax.

VS Fantasies Citrus Dream Deep-Softening Body Butter - This is a crisped scent which is amazing for summer skin dried out by the pool. Or during the winter when you want a reminder of the summer.


First Aid Beauty Ultra Lip Repair - I use this at night during the winter months.

Blistex Lip Massage Lip Protectant with Sunscreen - I love this so much. It tastes and smell great! I feels great too.


Mary Kay Indulge Soothing Eye Gel - Expensive, but omg does this feel amazing after pulling an all-nighter!

Origins GinZing Eye Cream - Feels great on the eyes daily.


LaurelLeafBotanicals Tea Tree And Honey Clarifying Facial Mask - You all know I love some organic stuff from time to time and this heals acne and stops acne!

VTWiccan Lime & Lavender Relaxing Clay Facial Masque Mask Treatment - Another of my organic facemasks.

Cupcake - Always a favorite!


Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Vanilla

And the last one is something I either blend myself sometimes but I also have the people at Teavana do this for me as well so it has it's on can.

It is a blend of Lavender Dreams White Tea, Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls Green Gea and Peach Tranquility herbal tea. The combination of chamomile, jasmine and fruity deliciousness will permeate your mind and body to help you relax. A perfect tea for the end of a long day.

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