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Lush is a huge part of my life. It's been a part of it for years, literally years. I am proud of my Lushie status. I have turned most of my friends and family into Lushies as well. So it can get interesting around me. I have tried most Lush products and these are my favorites and return to products. I will post another blog talking about how to cut your Lush products to store and make them last longer.


Bath Melts

The Melting Snowman - He made every bath feel like I could just shave my legs with the water only. He made it frothy and Christmasy!

In the Nude - I love this when my skin has been affected by Summer. It relieves my skin of dryness, sunburns, and discolorations. It feels good to my skin.

Ceridwen's Cauldron - Comes in a muslin bag. You throw the whole thing in the water. It will melt and leaves oats in the bag which is a great exfoliating tool.

Floating Island - I love that this bath melt fizzes. It smells like coconut and men's cologne almost and it just makes me feel comforted. 

Star Light, Star Bright - Glitter so much glitter! Mary Ann's favorite! My favorite fun bath melt. Yes you look more sparkly than Edward Cullen in sunlight but that's half the fun. You also have extremely soft skin. So both worlds of Bella and Edward.

Bath Bombs

Cinders - Apple cider and a fire place in the bathtub? Check. That's what this is like. It even has pop candy in it (Pop rocks!) to make it pop like a fireplace.

Sex Bomb - This makes your whole body wake up then relax. It turns the water to a milky substance. It cleanses the body as well. It has a rice flower in the middle.

Tisty Tosty - This makes a warm bath warmer. It feels like you are being enveloped by a blanket with this bath bomb.

Space  Girl - Shaped like Saturn of course it fizzes in your bath leaving you with a blackcurrant smell that it just delicious. It fizzes while you soak in this smell.

Big Blue - Vin's favorite bath bomb. I love it too. It honestly takes you to the ocean and you literally feel like you are laying in the ocean instead of your bathtub. It takes you on a mini vacation that will relieve your stress instantly.

Dragon's Egg - I love this one! It  captures most of scenses just like Phoenix Rising and Fizzbanger. You have a popsensation, the colors are beautiful, you can smell the amazing lemon. It will have you wide awake in no time.

Phoenix Rising - The smell of this makes me just go crazy happily insane! I love it! I love apple and cinnamon mixed  together I always have. I love it to death I usually have 10 of these at least! It has an amazing color. It will sink at first then rise. It isn't glitterly though it looks like it would be. 

Fizzbanger - This is what started my Lush obsession life as a Lushie. Omg this smells so amazing! I want to use this everytime but I like to give other bath fizzes a chance. This will always be like a favorite toy as a child  to me. It never lets me down, it comforts me. It has pop rocks in it which pop while you are in the tub. 

Bubble Bars

Magic Wand - Smells like their Snow Fairy shower gel or the Godmother Soap and it so incredible. You can get sooo many uses out of this bubble bar on a stick! It creates frothy big bubbles to just soak in after a long day.

Blue Skies & Fluffy White Clouds - This bubble bar gives essential oils off to help fight sore achy muscles. It was a must while we were at Disney and I will be using at Disney trips in the future especially ones where we are running marathons.

Sunny Side - Glitter and Bubbles? A Mary Ann favorite. This is another fun use one. I'm pretty sure Mary Ann uses this every morning before going to work. I love the citrus smell it has.

Dorothy - This one makes bubbles in a citrus-y smell. The oils in this one make my skin feel squeaky clean after a bubble bath with this.

The Comforter - This makes bubbles that smell like scrumptious blackcurrant candies!!! Plus the bar is so big I can get six or more baths out of it. It just keeps making bubbles and bubbles. It is great for a relaxing bath.

Amandopondo - This just reminds me of a love story. I like to pair it with Tisty Tosty. But by itself this has a soothing and elegance about it. Makes beautiful bubbles and releases rose oils.

Yuzu and Cocoa - You know those chocolate oranges you can get? Welcome to the bubble bar that is like it without the calories that come with it! Omg this smells and makes you just want one. However, Teavana made a tea that is chocolate orange and this plus that made me have a personal heaven!



Ice Blue Soap - This soap will make you feel better if you have a cold or a sinus infection. The peppermint will sooth you. Plus I always love the way it looks.

Sultana of Soap - My favorite thing about this soap is that you see the real ingredients. It lathers and it feels decadent on your skin and gives just a little of a exfoliating to your skin. Plus the smell of apricots is amazing.

Pineapple Grunt - No longer available in stores but available online thank goodness. This one is a favorite of mine and a favorite of my cousin, Mary Ann. She loves this because it has pineapple and coconut in it. It smells like you could eat it and be eating pineapple.

Sandstone - Truly living up to it's name. It has real sand in it for a perfectly good polish with this soap. It has oils that after you polish it also leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft. I love the fact that is smells like a cocktail. So it's basically the beach in a soap, you're welcome.

Banana Moon - Dry skin goes out the door with this one. Banana is in the name and in the game with this soap. Vin loves it so much that he now cuts a junk off to stick near the kitchen sink. This is only available online.

Demon in the Dark - This is Vin's new favorite bath/shower soap. It smells like apples (it has apple juice in it), peppermint, and an earthy smell. He said that it makes him feel alive. I am pretty sure that's a good thing.

Red Rooster - If you love oranges then this is for you! It smells like oranges with cinnamon which reminds me of Christmas at my mewmaw's that puts cinnamon sticks in her oranges.

Porridge - This is my favorite soap for when I get sunburn. It feels sooooo good.

Sea Vegetable  - It's made with real seaweed which is really great for your skin. It has sea salt which will soften your skin. It always makes me think of Hawaii.

Rock Star - It's made with REAL vanilla and you can tell. It's not a fake vanilla at all. It's soo smooth and creamy and just feels good on the skin.

Shower Jellies

Sweetie Pie - For some reason this makes me think of Cherry Coke when I use it. Plus the jellies are fun to use. It leaves a great shimmer on the body too!

Whoosh - Citrus-y, wakes you up and just fun "shower jello" as Rain calls it.

Shower Gels

Ponche - Yes I have been drunk and totally washed with this tequila body wash the next morning trying to get me out of my hangover. (Now of course I have a recipe that will kick a hangover to the curb.)

Dirty Springwash - Vin's favorite body wash now. He actually prefers this over Old Spice, win!

Prince Charming - Is BRAND SPANKING NEW! And I love it! It smells like decadent desserts with citrus for a kick. I got it while we were in London and I have been loving it.

Shower Smoothies

Dreamwash - This bad boy gets rid of body acne like nobody's business. It calms all kinds of skin irritation. Makes me a happy girl!

Gumback Express - This is a great one for the summer and Vin loves it for his elbows.  It smells great and leaves skin smooth and soft. Though this is only available online.

Shower Scrubs

Buffy - My aunt swears this makes her bottom look amazing. I personally think it's just a good body scrub solid. I love that it has real almond shells in it which really exfoliate your skin.

Ocean Salt - This is my second all time favorite body scrub. It smells amazing. It exfoliates your skin amazingly and it hydrates. It doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy either like Bath and Body Works scrubs do.



Big Shampoo - If you have read my other posts or know me, ya seen this coming. It's the most amazing shampoo for oily hair. Omg. It has real salt in it but it cleans to the point where my hair squeaks. Now for people who have just dyed their hair don't use but don't worry I have an alternate for you coming up next.

I Love Juicy - This is what you get if you have just treated hair and it's oily and flaky. Buhbye flakes and oils! It's amazing. It also leaves my hair squeaky clean. It has salt in it but not full blown salt like Big does. So if you have just treated hair get this instead of Big, or if you don't like the scent of Big. I do so, it's up to you.

Seanik - Vin calls this the solid Big. I gave him this when he wouldn't stop using my Big. He loves it for the oil in his hair after a workout. 

Dr. Peppermint - My dad has fell in love with this. Yes my dad. He said it's easy to travel with and easy to use. I have used it once and I felt like my hair just came alive on it's on. Plus it's a great shampoo to use when you have a cough, steam + this = relief.

Soak and Float - I get dandruff from time to time and this gets rid of it without the harsh chemicals in regular dandruff shampoo. I love the smell as well. It reminds me a spring day around Easter.

NEW! - This stuff is amazing in so many ways. One it smells incredible. Second, it makes hair grow! Even balding men like my dad. It keeps the scalp active. 

Blousey - For the people with treated hair this is a great shampoo. It helps hair looks it's greatest after just being dyed, masked, or chemically treated without striping your hair.


American Cream Conditioner - Everyone always asks me what is my all time favorite conditioner from Lush. Well this is it. It smells like my childhood. It makes me happy instantly. It helps my hair. 

Retread - This is one heck of a conditioner. It has real yogurt in it and makes my hair shine. I like using this on special occasions so my hair shines. It has so many minerals and vitamins in this that you can feel it becoming stronger and healthier.

Okra - This sold only online. If you color, straighten, curl, or perm your hair this is great for giving it a boost to your hair. It helps with strengthening your hair. 

Hair Treatments

Roots - I do not use this product all the time. I use this as a treat for my hair when it starts looking like it's plastered to my head. It's great for lifting and giving volume but I do not want to use it all the time or every day.

Marilyn  - For blondes only but I love this hair treatment! It keeps me having to do touch ups which is fantastic. I love the smell and how it makes my hair feel. Plus it wakes me up.


Toothy Tabs -

First of all toothy tabs are solid toothpastes which are amazing for travel and camping but also great for regular use also but I only use then when I run out of my regular toothpaste and haven't went to the store to pick some up.

Breathe of God - I love the taste of this toothpaste. It cleans my teeth for a bright smile.

Chou Chou - This is another great one that leaves a sweet taste in your mouth.

Sparkle - Spice and grapefruit make this one my favorite toothy tab.


Dark Angels - This great face cleanser with it's slight abrasiveness. It feels amazing afterwards. I have another charcoal cleanser that I love more from another company but this a great one too.

Let the Good Times Roll - Winter skin? This will get rid of it instantly. Leaving your skin warm and soft. And the best part? Caramel smelling.

Aqua Marina - This a product I always have hand during the summer. It's so AMAZING! It will cool your skin down from anything! I also love it after a long run. 

Angels on Bare Skin - Another product that Vin and I fight over. We LOVE this cleanser. It smells great and feels soooo good on the skin it helps get rid of dead skin and works wonders on acne. We have even used this on Rain's skin and it works well for her. So when it's for all skin types they mean it!

Grease Lightning  - Yup my holy grail Lush product. I swear by this product, always have and always will. It works on all body bumps not just face. I will forever buy this as long as they make it. 

Toners and Steamers

Tea Tree Toner Tab - This is my only toner and steamer product that I love from Lush. It really is innovative product here. This gets rid of bacteria on your skin. I have tried toners from Lush but they just aren't as effective as I would like.


Imperialis - I love this because it smells like oranges and it's not a heavy moisturizer. I have tried samples of Lush's other moisturizers this is the best. Even,Gorgeous, the one that cost $80 for a few ounces and that they claim is so amazing, clogged my pores so bad.

Fresh Face Masks

These are sold only in stores because they have to be refrigerated. 

Cupcake - Yup I am hitting you with the best first! Omg acne and oily skin people this is amazing. It smells amazing. It get rid of redness. I always start with the bottom of my face and Vin swears I look like a Duck Dynasty family member. <3

BB Seaweed - It exfoliates, it cleanses it, hydrates, it zaps oils. It does it all!

Cosmetic Warrior - A favorite of Vin's who loves this. It has almost completely cleaned up his skin. He uses it once a week and is thinking about swapping to twice a week since we both can see a huge different after one use. It helps with acne, black heads and irritation.

Catastrophe Cosmetic - Saturday morning, it's been a long week... Pamper yourself with this. It cleans but doesn't strip your skin of natural goodness. It has real blueberries in it. So put this on and while making some blueberry pancakes wear it. Then wash off and enjoy amazing skin and some pancakes!

Shaving Cream

Prince Triple Orange Blossom - Vin tried this with a sample while we were in North Carolina when we got to London he bought the big container. He loves it. And had the nerve to tell me that if I am allowed to use it when I shave. Lushie for brains my dear? And in the case I had already use some of it and love it!

Ambrosia - This is another that Vin has loved. It doesn't break him out after shaving. 

Lip Products

Lip Service - This isn't just great for cracked lips. This is great for heels, rough patches and elbows. It's great to have on your night stand like I do.

Latte - Taste amazing (sweet coffee anyone?) and has a very light color. It's a great balm.

Popcorn Scrub - Yep here it is. The mother of all lip products I own. Religiously used and loved. I kind of wish I knew how many of these I have gone through in my life. Nevermind no I don't.


Body Lotion

Charity Pot - This is feel so decadent and smells delicious. But my favorite part that excluding tax every penny goes to charity!!! I love this idea to death.

Lovely Jubblies - My aunt, my boss, and I all love this lotion for your, well your breasts. It tightens and makes them feel amazing. My aunt said if you have ever had children or have been a large cup gal this lotion is for you.

Sympathy for the Skin - It smells like bananas and for me that's enough. But it gets rid of dry skin completely. I love it. I have went through tubs and tubs of this.

Body Butters

When most people say body butters they think whipped in a container, but Lush prefers to think of butter like the stick solid that you have to heat up. 

King of Skin - This is great to use before going to work out. It makes you feel refreshed and is great for your skin especially if working out outdoors.

Schnuggle - Available only online. It is great to go to sleep when you are alone. It smells so good. 


Lemony Flutter - I love to use this when my nails dry after painting them. It makes my whole hands look radiant and shining.

Helping Hands - I grab for this after cleaning anything. Washing my car, washing my hair, washing make up brushes, etc. This is fabulous for sore hands that are also dry. 


Volcano Foot Mask - My cousin Shelby wears nothing but flip flops and her feet were sooooo cracked and gross because let's face it unless you pay special attention to your feet wearing flip flops all the time your feet will look gross. I literally threw this at her Christmas Day. I made her use this and her feet looked so much better and she said they felt like hadn't in years. (Ya think?) I even use this during the summer when I am wearing sandals and flip flops. 

Stepping Stone - This is great for getting dead skin off toes and the top part of your foot. It feels great and smells amazing too.

Massage Bars

My fourth favorite category at Lush, right after Bubble Bars, Bath Bombs, and Bath Melts!

Friends with Benefits - Oh this one feels so silky on the skin. It has interesting smell as well. 

From Fusk 'Til Dawn - I love using this one in the morning to wake me up. It's suppose to be to help couples keep going all night long but I have a year or so before I get to test that theory. I'll report back I promise.

Close to You - This one is new! Vin and I love it! It smells like food and it melts into the skin. It makes going to sleep so easy! It has fondant in it and it makes me want a cupcake so bad.

Soft Coeur (the Honeymooner) - Another a dessert one. This one has real chocolate in it and it smells like you could eat. It leaves my skin so soft and delicate. 

Wiccy Magic Muscles - I will always have this with me while I'm at Disney from now on. My feet and back loved this at the end of the day. It heats up and just feel so good on the worn out muscles.

Heavanilli - This is one that I love using right out of a shower. It feels like I just walked into a bakery in nudist colony and it feels and smells amazing. I know weird description but no one is perfect.

Body Tints

Shimmy Shimmy - Using this on my collar bones when wearing something off the shoulder with no shoulders or with straps makes my shoulders look so sophisticated with a soft warm glow on them.


T'eo - I do not use this for regular deodorant, only before a workout. It fights against bacteria which is actually what makes you smell after a workout. It helps me keep smelling those extra miles.


Karma Perfume - It's a great citrus-y and floral perfume.

Love Perfume - Fizzbanger in a perfume, of course I had to have it!


Feeling Younger Skin Tint - Amazing for dark circles! It's so great at helping dark circles go away!

Motivation Liquid Eyeliner - Brilliant Blue Shine eye liner

Confident Liquid Lipstick - I absolutely love this for the days I want something darker than red.

Decisive Liquid Lipstick - If I want to wear a red lipstick I want one that is going to be a "step-all-over-your-wuss-self" cherry red. Yup it's the bitch red.


This brilliant innovation is a four-in-one phenomenon combining soap, shampoo, bubble bath, and malleable toy into a single roll. Each color has a unique scent that evokes fond childhood memories of things like fresh baking and candies. What could be sweeter? 2.5% of sales from every bar of FUN is contributed to the FUNd, a LUSH initiative which supports charities in Fukushima, Japan that create safe places for children to play outside.

Pink - This is Rain's favorite

Blue - She likes this one and even Uncle Vinny has been known to use this.

Yellow - She also loves to use this one with the pink.

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