Review: Body Shop Tea Tree Products

Facial Wash 

While I was in London's Body Shop I picked up these things. Now Ulta sells some of these items and you can find The Body Shops in the US as well. 

Tea Tree Pore Minimiser
Tea Tree Facial Wash
Tea Tree Facial Toner
Tea Tree Face Mask

US Links are below.

First things first, I didn't care for the Tea Tree Pore Minimiser. I didn't see a difference in my pores at all. Also the 5 times I used this it left my face almost flaky Kind of like when you put glue all over your hands and you try to peel it off? Yeah that's what it felt and looked like.

Tea Tree Facial Wash - Now this is a different story I loved this back in October when I was looking for a face wash that wasn't so harsh on my skin and could still fight acne. This was/is perfect! I love the tea tree smell so it is great in that sense. Then it refreshes my face as well. It doesn't dry out my face. I do recommend this to people. It lathers nice and is just great for a quick face wash.

Tea Tree Facial Toner - This is now my toner for the mornings! It wakes me up and takes off the oiliness and the sweat that got on my skin during the night. It fights acne right at the beginning of my day which is perfect! I love it and I continue to repurchase this. 

Tea Tree Face Mask - I honestly didn't think I would like this at all. I was skeptical once I got this. However, I was having some hormonal break outs and omg. It cleared it up. It was was amazing. I just leave it on for 45 minutes after rinsing my face with warm water. Then wash it off and my skin glowed! It was amazing. I am repurchasing this as well. 

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