Fresh Start Challenge Day 8: Oh Bother

Right now the thing that is bothering me the most right now is picking out curriculum for Rain's home schooling. I will be fine once I figure out which one I want to go with for our family. I never dreamed there were so many to choose from for home schooling. I remember as a child, about her age, my dad started making me do workbook pages during the summer. I am interested in finding out which or even if that was home school curriculum. If it is maybe it will help me figure out which brand I want to go with for her.

Vin keeps telling me that I will make the right decision. I keep trying to weigh the pros and cons for each brand that I find. However, some of them are so similar it's hard to keep looking at them. But deep down even I know that if worse comes to worse I can create my own curriculum. I know that I won't go completely by the books anyhow. And really the only thing I am concerned about is teaching her and watching her face light up. I want to see the look of fascination and discovery.

Ya know like this:



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