Day 4: Religion

They played this at my grandpa's funeral because he loved it.

I'm not like other people writing today. There hasn't been a day in my life where I didn't know who made the sun shine brighter than any other star. I was suppose to be christened at a month, well I would have been but +Carolina decided she was going to rear her ugly head and my parents left church to go see her be born. Three weeks later we were christened together. There is something special about the person that was holding your hand when you were christened the first time. That's why Carolina and I have a strong bond that is hard to break.

There are still small projects that are in my grandparents and my dad's house that I made in church. The Styrofoam cactus I made dad for Father's Day sit on his beside table and I made that back when I was 4 years old in our church's fellowship hall. I have a quilt made out of all of my vacation Bible School tshirts that sits on my chair in my bedroom.

God has always been in my life even when I haven't lived the perfect way. I make it a point to even watch a sermon the computer when I can't be at church.It wasn't until I was in 6th grade that things started to get hard. Up until that point I thought people were joking that they didn't believe in God. The ugly stared me in the face when I was put into an all girls school. I was ridicule because I had only seen a boy's penis and hadn't touch one that wasn't a baby. I was ridicule for the next few years. I wasn't popular in my school. I was the outsider. I was the girl that founded the First Priority club at our school.

I started questioning a lot of things. Then I went home to my dad and everything felt normal again. Prayer was an every day thing again. Dad wanted me to a mission trip that summer and I will be forever grateful for that because I realized as I carried my own water from a murky water in buckets a mile back to camp that I had a purpose in this life and it was to live it for God using the talents he gave me.

I have seen so many miracles in my life already I can only imagine what else God has planned for me. His love never fails and never gives up!

Brad Paisley quote is what I leave you with;

To me, the best way to witness is to not spend all your time explaining to them how wrong they are on everything they are doing, but to show them how your life is working and how much peace you have. Jesus was never the least bit judgmental. I never got that feeling in reading my Bible that He ever looked at anybody with anything less than compassion and total understanding. - Brad Paisley

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