IMATs Haul/New York City Haul


Crown Brush Set 615 HD Set with Mirror and Twizzers

OCC Cosmetic Glitter - Beige

OCC Liptar Metallic - Roleplay, Electric Grandma

OCC Liptar Matte - Stalker, Vintage, NSFW, Hush, and Trollop

OCC Liptar Stain Glass - New Wave

OCC Plastic Passion - Nail Lacquer - Pool Boy, Deven Green, and Seething

Tako Pressed Eyeshadow

Love+ Pressed Eyeshadow

Mochi Pressed Eyeshadow

Velocity Pressed Powder

Afterparty Pressed Eyeshadow

Alcone Stop the Sweat

Cufflette for Hairstylists

Mascara Shield

Mango Brush Soap

Jesse's Girl High Intensity Nail Color Confetti

Jesse's Girl High Intensity Nail Color Flirt

Jesse's Girl High Intensity Nail Color Cruise Control

Jesses Girl High Intensity Nail Color Beach Baby

Jesses Girl High Intensity Nail Color Glee

Jesses Girl High Intensity Nail Color Firefly

Jesse's Girl Lipstick Sparkle-licious

Jesse's Girl Lipstick Ruby Too

Jesse's Girl Flavored Lip Gloss Cotton Candy

Jesse's Girl Flavored Lip Gloss Pina Colada

Pure Pigment Eye Dusts Trouble Maker

Pure Pigment Eye Dusts Pixie Dust

Pure Pigment Eye Dusts Indian Summer

Glow Stix Lip Gloss Wicked

Frosted Gum Drops Rock Candy

Frosted Gum Drops MistleToe

Frosted Gum Drops Sugar Plum Fairy

Frosted Gum Drops Hot Cinnamon

Frosted Gum Drops Tangerine Dream

JulieG Nails Limited Dance in the Dark

JulieG Nails Core Collection Mermaids Tale

JulieG Nails Core Collection Gelato In Venice

JulieG Nails Core Collection You-Niverse

JulieG Nails Core Collection Little Fairy

JulieG Nails Core Collection Sharks Cove

Eye Shadow Ryder Refill

Violett's Secret Weapon Adhesive

Eye Shadow Bridgette

Rosalind Glitter

Brittany Glitter

Rayne Glitter

Brenda Glitter

Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist

Cosmetic Sanitizer Wipes

Basic Bitches Hate Me

MAKEUP over everything.

Rose Gold Radiant Dust

Lip Radiance Up Against the Wall

Turtle Stencil

Anchor Craft Stencil

Double Sea Serpent

Tiki Stencil

Snowflake Stencil 1

Snowflake Stencil 2

Musical Notes & Symbols

Butterfly Stencil

Mermaid Lust

Velour Are Those Real

Velour T Dot Oooh

Lip Pop Bubble Yumm

Lait-Crème Concentrè - I haven't seen this in so long I had to have it! If you want to be a true cosmetologist this has to be part of your collection.

Monda Studio 381 Mixing Palette Medium

Monda Studio 101 Mixing Spatula Single Side-Wide

Z Palette Large

Inglot Freedom 40 Pan Palette Eyeshadow

Inglot Freedom 10 Pan Palette Lipstick

Prima Eyelash Curler

RockStar Wigs Downtown Girl Collection Chocolate & Burgundy

RockStar Wigs Godiva Collection Platinum Blonde

RockStar Wigs Ombre Alexa Collection Rose

Chignon Net B

Sigma Jaclyn Hill Beauty Expert Box

Sigma E44

Sigma E32

Sigma L05 Copper

SFX 12 Piece Brush Set with Double Pouch

I bought some airbrush eyeshadow so I can mix them to make my own unique colors from Airbrush Make-Up.

I also got some glitter and eyeshadow from My Beauty Addiction

Victoria's Secret


Centennial Stripe Card Case - I bought this to house my business cards. My wallet tends to bends them to the point I am almost embarrassed to hand them out so I bought this.

West 57th Backstage Pass Pink Multi - I am not a teacher that likes wearing my identifying card "clipped" or "pinned" to me. I prefer lanyards so that's what this gem is for!




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