Fresh Start Challenge Day 7: We Are Family

I am the oldest of my mom's kids. Dad had girl before me but she died really young along with my dad's first wife. My world has pretty much revolved around my daddy. I was his true princess. I got away with so much and still do. My mom and I once got a long then she separated away from my dad and as part punishment to him took me away from him.

I technically have seven siblings. Garth, Bryant, and George (nah we ain't country at all.) Garth I hated growing up. But him getting married him made him such a sweetheart and made him smell so much better. Bryant is my baby. He has been battling cancer for 50% of his life. George has been a sweet kid. He has a lot growing up to do.

I love my MewMaw who is my dad's grandma. She's a true woman. And her son who is my Pawpaw is awesome that man taught me how to bow hunt and I am so proud of that. And my Grandma? Well that woman listens to hip hop and country. She's a total freak.

Aunt Charlene/Mama. This woman is incredible! She has inspired me to conquer the world. She has believed me every step of my journey. She said that life will teach me along the way. I am so thankful that this woman is my stepmom. She is the best woman in the world in my opinion.

Fab 5 - I love you all including Odette who isn't really related to me. You are the glue that keeps me together.

Jessica and Elle - Omg I love both so much!

Madame - Seriously you make crazy and sane at the same time. You aren't just my boss but someone who I look up to.

Chris - The twin brother I always wanted is what you are. You lift me up and make me forget the rest of the world. We are going to conquer it one step at a time. Bring it!

Edwin - The goofy big brother I had to grow up with. You were a big pest with me most of the time. You were fun to beat up on and even for that now!!

Carolina - Cousin, sister, sorority sister, heck we are freaking twins!!! I love you so much! You are my life! I don't want to change you for the world!

Vincent - God put you in my life at the right times. Every time I needed you without knowing it there you are. I am so glad that we are going to be together forever. Vinter for the win.

Rain - God knew what he was doing when you grabbed my leg that day. Trust me you didn't just grab my leg. You grabbed my heart in that instant. I looked down and saw myself staring back at me. I loved you instantly. You are the perfect little girl and God gave me a perfect little princess with no trouble at all.

Future family in my heart - I already love you so much.

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