Fresh Start Challenge Day 3: Change a Heart Change the World

I am a huge giver to those in need. I mean really in need. Those who have suffered and are in recovery that's who I love to help. I'm not going to lie I cried while writing most of this because it made me really realize how crappy I have been in the past week.

So with me saying that let's start with the list:

  1. Of course number one on my list is God! Who helps people more than Him? Nobody! I give 10% of every check that has my name on it to Him. Tithing has always been huge in my life and it will always be. I know that my church not only helps those who come to church but those in the community as well.
  2. Like +Lillian I help my sorority with the Ronald McDonald House Charities. I remember looking at what each sorority sponsored and being so thankful for the sororities. I was blessed with being an ADPi and getting to know how more and more people benefit from Ronald McDonald Housing. What do they do? They help give housing that’s near a hospitalized child, the expense of staying together in another city, or even getting basic medical and dental care in a vulnerable community that would otherwise be too expensive. These programs can be found in more than 290 local Chapters in 58 countries and regions. This plays a huge role in my life because my family has stayed in one of these before while was brother was going through a trial treatment. And I pop the tab off of my Dr. Pepper for this cause as well!
  3. It's a well known fact that I support St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. Go on a tour of there some time. Life is will have a new meaning to you. How many times a day do we fuss and complain because something isn't right in our lives? You see these children battling for their life with smiles on their faces! I know that I have it lucky in my life because of these children. Yes I am scared of needles to some of these children needles are what save them. These children want a shot at life to complain about other things and they deserve that chance. It aggravates me that breast cancer gets the spotlight all the time when there are little girls, who never get to grow up to experience breast, DYING! So paint whatever you need to gold for them. Speak up to people. You never know when it could get them thinking.
  4. Number four is special to me. Why? Because I have a relationship with God with these special kids. I have been helping Kwiana since he was born. He was just one when I signed up for his name at a concert. I have watched him grow through pictures and finally letters.  You think I get excited about subscription boxes? You should see me when I get letters from him. It makes me so excited. I love how he wants to grow up and become a preacher now. Two years ago I decided to sponsor another child. This time I wasn't at a concert I was sitting at home reading and I got curious. I went through a church sponsorship site. I decided to sponsor Nestor. This baby boy is now three years old. He lives with his grandparents and he helps run errands. He lives in an area where AIDS is predominant and has a high risk of abuse. I love the letters that his family writes and the pictures. This year with Rain, I am sponsoring a third child, her name is Bridget, she has lost both her parents and is just three years old. She also lives in an area that is affected by AIDS and the area has a high risk for exploitation and abuse.
  5. Secret Meals. If you have never heard of secrets meals let me enlighten you. Those children that receive free or reduced lunch will be fed well at lunch. What about those same children later on at night or on the weekend? That's where Secret Meals comes in at. Secret Meals is a sponsor of Tuscaloosa's Kid Triathlon. My brother was in it last year at seven years old. This year he and my now cancer free brother will both be in it.
  6. Make A Wish is a well known charity and I strongly suggest watching some of the videos of it on YouTube. Like the one below:

    These aren't just cancer patients then are kids getting a lifelong wish. And that in it's self is what really really matters.

  7. Relay For Life I have been doing even before my brother found out he had cancer. I have been participating in this since I was in the sixth grade. I love doing laps and being sponsored. I try to do one of these every year even though I failed to do one last year. I am signed up for one this year!
  8. Lush Charity Pots. I love the lotion. I use it often for my feet at night. But Lush has many benefits to it. They push recycling. Not throwing away the Big Shampoo containers will get me a free face mask when I bring the containers back to them!
  9. HER Foundation is probably the latest foundation I have started to send donations to help with their cause. This is a foundation that helps women with Hyperemesis gravidarum. This is a disease that many pregnant women face. A close and now dear friend of mine has it. Pregnancy for her is like morning sickness for 9 months not just a two to four week thing for her. She loves her child and her baby on the way regardless.
  10. Box Tops for Education is a great organization. Sad thing is how many of these are thrown away in your house? None are thrown away at my house. Trust me I will look an empty box or carton over twice before throwing it away. Don't have a child going to school? Doesn't matter elementary schools would love for you to drop them off at their school.
  11. Target RedCard I go to Target twice a week, why not give back in the process? My make up obsession helps the schools I support in my area.
  12. I am a member of the Junior League of Huntsville we help better our community through volunteering. We help with other charities so that it's a double effort.
  13. Since I was 14 I have been reading a magazine called Justine Magazine. I will always subscribe to this magazine for several reasons. They help girls. I really believe they do. They have beauty things but they have more than that as well. They even push books! And they reach out to real girls! But my favorite is that since 2010 they have an ad for Confidence Coalition that helps empower women, teens, and young girls.
  14. Reading is Fundamental is an organization that is just awesome. I love donating because knowing that just $10 gets 4 books to children! I think every child deserves to escape in some form or fashion.
  15. FuzzyFeet this I have been donating to since 2003 and I first read about the company in my magazine Teen. I loved the idea of giving slippers to those in the hospital. It's something bright and cheery and functional.
  16. TOMS shoes. Get a pair, give a pair. I love knowing that comfortable shoes that I love to wear really helped someone. It was an amazing thing knowing that those shoes give back!
There are several more that I donate through the year these are the ones that I hold dear. I will make a list of charities and make a tab so that you find ones that I donate to that you feel strongly about as well or tell me the ones you believe strongly in.

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