Day 8: Satisfaction

I truly believe one of the most satisfying days of my life was mine and Vin's first date. We had agreed to go see Frozen and do some boutique Christmas shopping. We didn't go through of the Black Friday sales. We tried it just wasn't worth it.

We went to Michael's, Lifeway, Academy, IHOP, the movies, and then to Rhubarb's. I remember I had just met Rain. She was practically stuck to my side. She loved shopping and singing. It amazed me how she adore Vinny. I remember when we arrived at IHOP she entranced with playing a game on my iPhone. I started reminiscing with him about when we were in college.

Vin was flirting and I know I was blushing. However, he did seem surprised when I ordered an omelette and 3 pancakes. I looked him straight in the eye and told him I wasn't a girl for salads. He gave me his lopsided smile and said "Good because I'm pretty sure they don't sale salads at breakfast." Sharing the hot chocolate is something I'll always remember. He and I bought couldn't get over how delicious it tasted.

At the theater he specifically asked for an Elsa and Olaf. Elsa was for Rain and I wanted the Olaf. Sure enough it seemed there were no Olafs, but he insisted that he needed an Olaf. I got an Olaf (that cup is my mouthwash cup at home). We really loved the movie. From the part of Rain singing Let It Go because she had already heard it on the Disney Channel, to us laughing, and to us staring at each other.

Vin said he knew that day we had to stay together. Part of me knew too that this was really it for me. I wasn't the girl to jump from guy to guy. This was perfectly it for me. I knew that he knew me and truly accepted me for who I am just like I do him.

I was girl who survived a man assaulting her, a girl who underwent stem cell and bone marrow for her brother, who graduated top of her class at U of A, twice, who studies abroad, and love Disney. I wouldn't trade this day for anything.

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