Shuffling Things Up

This should be interesting...  I decided to do 20 songs

Rule the World ~ Take That - (One of my favorite movies has this as it's song! Ridge loves it too)

I'm In Hurry ~ FLAGA Line

Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites ~ Skrillex

Moth's Wings ~ Passion Pit

Ready for Anything ~ Landon Austin

I'll Try ~ Jesse McCartney

Birthday Sex ~ Jeremiah

The Ride ~ Tim McGraw

Lip Gloss and Black ~ Atreyu

It Changes ~ Sprites

Summer Skin ~ Death Cab for Cutie

The Weight of Us ~ Sanders Bohlke

Makin Me Crazy ~ Tommy Lee - I perform this with Luke Snider. We have a blast doing so. I love that this came up!!

Line of Blood ~ Ty Stone

Love ~ Nancy Adams - I dedicate this song to Carolina and Edwin. I haven't thought of this song in forever!

Ectasy ~ ATB

So Far Away ~ Avenged Sevenfold

The Meaning of Life ~ Jump5

If We Hold On Together ~ Diana Ross

Merry Christmas Happy Holidays ~ NSYNC

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