Fresh Start Challenge Day 10: Guilty!

1) I am so guilty going to Target twice a week to buy things. I seriously could go every single day of the week and buy something.

2) I read the end of books after the third chapter. *Hides behind Chris and Vin*

3) Watching Tv in the tub. Screw having a TV in the bathroom anymore that's why God made the iPad.

4) Eating Nutella out of the jar with +Odette.

5) Making Mountain Dew Doritos cupcakes! Yum.

6) Laughing at Chris when he is trying to be serious.

7) Watching old shows from all decades. (However our favorite is the Golden Girls.)

8) 1000 thread count sheets... These are worth their weight in gold.

9) Getting in trouble on purpose. *Winks to my best friends*

10) Tailgates, moonshine, Jack, radio, and a fire!

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