Bark! Bark! Bark!

Hello! I am Theodore. My owner calls me Theo though. Yup, that crazy chick that wears all that painting stuff on her face, Hunter. Yeah that's her.

I am taking over her blog for this post. It was a suggestion from her good friend +Chris. Crazy fellow he is. He has some furry friends too like me! They are trained to kill though. I am just trained to be spoiled and get Hunter's purse. Yep I can get my master's purse! Pretty neat huh?

I am a lucky dog. I get to see Hunter naked all the time. Sometimes during the summer I pant while looking at her naked. She thinks it's because of the heat.. Let's keep it that way. I also get to help her decide what she wears. I like it when she blow dries my fur after getting out of the shower with her. It's our morning ritual together. Shower together and then she gives me some of her tea biscuit and tea. I am a fancy dog.

She also gave me a playmate that's my wife. We've only had sex twice that Hunter knows about. Hunter is wanting puppies from us. I'm too young to be a father though I'm only 3 in human years. Or for Aunt May Ann I am 37 months old. Aunt May Ann has a lot of furry friends too. They are way more spoiled than me and my wife, London.

Hunter has this new wild creature in the house. He doesn't know how to behave completely just yet. He doesn't like showers with Hunter. I keep telling him most human males would slice off their arm that contains a bone for that. Mmm a bone.

Wait where was I? Oh yes other creatures living with us in our new house. Yes we have a new house Hunter and I. You see I came before that big male human. I am king of this house even though he thinks he can pick me up at his leisure. Okay he can if he has a juicy treat or if Hunter hands me over to him. I try not to pee on him.

There are these felines that I love to play with that are soft and fluffy. One of them doesn't hear me bark and I had to get used to that. She doesn't mind me at all. She doesn't stick her claws in my like the other one. Hunter says says something is wrong with her. That other one is mean.

Now there is a new Hunter! My tail is wagging just thinking about the new mini Hunter. She laughs and plays with me all the time. She gives great hugs. I don't mind mini Hunter picking me up and dancing with me. Mini Hunter is cute. They call her Rain. I like Rain. I sniff her out just like I do Hunter!

I leave this computer contraception back to my owner. She is suffering withdrawal from it. Master must get up and go to work soon! Maybe I just chew on my bone beside my wifey until it's time to go to bed.

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