Fresh Start Challenge Day 6: Werewolf


  • His leadership skills. A lot of people think I am head of the house. I'm sure that's what it appears to the outside eye. Vin and I sit down and make out meal plans and budgets together. His job he is the boss and he handles decisions with grace and ease. In all of the situations I have known him to be put in he has stepped up to the plate. He always gives it a 100%. I know his motto is "I'm not doing this for anyone else but God."
  • His ability to step outside the norm. I mean come on he doesn't think dancing is for gay guys. He wears pink. He lets the four year old and the soon to be twenty-four year old paint his nails. He stands up for what he believes in and who he loves. He has goals for himself and for things he wants.
  • He saved himself. No he isn't perfect in the sexual aspect. But he did save himself for his marriage.
  • He is becoming/is God's definition of wise. He studies his Bible, and he works hard to make himself a smarter, more disciplined person. He wants to know what is going on in the world to see how he can do God's work. He wants to know God's answer to any situation he may face. This means he spends time in bible study, taking his schooling seriously, and spending time in prayer and church.
  • He is extremely humble. He has his ego moments, what guy doesn't. But Vin doesn't think less of himself. He just thinks about himself less. And yes there is a difference.
  • He is amazing with kids. He crawls on the floor with them and everything. 
  • He is super nerdy. Never seen someone who can swish his HP wand that he bought and get so excited that it sparks. 

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