Wash-ee Tape? Washi Tape Babe!

This is only part of my growing collection of washi tape. I am constantly finding deals and sales on it. Woah what did you just say? 'What is washi tape?!' Oh my.

Washi tape goes back to Japan. It's a tape that feels like masking tape but very very pretty and easy to move and replace. It's made of paper but it's pretty sturdy. There are so many designs from different companies popping up that your really have all kinds of designs out in the world at this point. There are varying widths that make projects a lot easier to help with the design.

Washie tape is usually made from organic fibers from bamboo or hemp. However, the most common is from the bark of the mulberry trees. Their strength usually depends though most prefer the thinner kinds for decorating projects. So it's really whatever you are looking forward to in a project.

I also pick up a few from the dollar bins at Target or Dollar General. It's taking over so you find it in just about any store. 

Want ideas? Just check out this Pinterest Board HERE

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