Day 6: 30 Facts

  1. I am not a huge fan of chocolate; if there is a different flavor I'm probably getting it.
  2. I can stand on one had for 3 minutes straight.
  3. I am fluent in 11 languages and that includes sign language. I also can read and write braille.
  4. I graduated top of my class both when I got my undergrad and my Masters.
  5. Playing dominoes in the mountains is something I just do.
  6. I actually got to 90% of the pins' websites that I pin on Pinterest.
  7. I still usually sleep with a stuffed animal if not a pillow around me turns into a snuggle.
  8. I still actually have the real Snuggle Bear and the book on tape that came with him!
  9. Disney Original movies from the 90s are fun to go back and watch.
  10. I have a whole bag that holds my planning notebooks and planners.
  11. It's impossible for me to go into Target without buying something. 
  12. I can’t stand tiny boba. Please. Only regular size balls in my matcha bubble milk tea.
  13. Sometimes I go to Tuscaloosa and drive around and then park and walk and walk. I love the history in Tuscaloosa.
  14. I played soccer but got kicked off the team because I had the tendency to kick the other team more than the ball when I was younger.
  15. My dad saved the foot off of my first rabbit, the antlers from my first deer, and three bones and a feather from my first duck. 
  16. My parents gave a special graduation gift when I graduated from UA. They gave me a pearl necklace. But each pearl on the strand is from Disney World oysters. Every trip they would get two oysters and save the pearls.
  17. My favorite Foot Network chef is not Paula Deen rather it's Barefoot Contessa or Ina Garten. I love watching her, reading her recipe books and actually making her recipes.
  18. I sponsor two children in underprivileged countries. One is eight years old and the other six. I have been sponsoring the 8 year old since he was 5 years old. I love reading his letters every month.
  19. I love not only donating to charities but helping as well. I love helping with Toys for Tots.
  20. I'm obsessed with tornado, fire, and other preparedness. 
  21. I love useless facts like due to the temperature and the different pressure it literally rains diamonds on Neptune and Uranus. 
  22. I have 16 Jacqueline Savage Mcfee notebooks filled up with quotes. I still write quotes down all the time.
  23. I love stamps and stickers still. I have so many acrylic stamps and things.
  24. Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Reese Witherspoon, and Sandra Bullock are seriously my favorite actresses.
  25. I actually eat gizzards, yes I do.
  26. What I don't keep for myself or friends, the rest of the meat goes to donations. 
  27. Yes I skin my own animals. Trust me I'm good.
  28. I take part in many groups that pertain to church, work, school, and my favorite hobbies.
  29. I love reading blogs. I seriously could do that all day long.
  30. Vin completely accepted ALL the strange and out there things about including the ones that I hide from the world and it makes me feel amazing.

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