New York and Online Lush Haul

Online Lush Haul

For new Lushies you've probably seen the Online Only products. Fact: These used to be sold in stores and now they've gone retro! Sometimes I just get it in me to go back to them. I bought a few and some other things.

Potion Lotion - I adore this lotion! It's something I rarely buy but when I do I am taken back in time when I was in dance competitions and recitals. All the other little girls would get roses. My daddy would bring me carnations. I loved them just as much.

Party On Shower Gel - I still like Whoosh better but this is going to be awesome during the summer!

Banana Moon Soap - I love this soap! It's on of my favorites from Lush.

In the Nude - Sunburns are coming so I just stocked up.

Cosmic Dream Catcher - This isn't herbal smelling like all the rest of their bars this has... a wait for it... Woodsy smell to it! You people know I love wood smells.

Fox in the Flowers - I love this scent. It reminds me of being back in the woods in Washington during the spring. Really calming and refreshing.

Fizzy O Therapy - I will always love this while at Disney World.

Gumback Express - Another of my favorite retro products.

Decisive Liquid Lipstick - I LOVE THIS!!! OMG!!!

Sample was a slice of Honey I Washed The Kids Soap. I may just love this too! It smells like my trips to Dunkin Doughnuts!

What I bought in New York:

Inhale Exhale - I used one of these already. I do enjoy them.

Rose - I haven't used this yet but I am looking forward to it.

Wonder Woohoo - Mary Ann and I both love the smell of this.

4 Golden Egg - I loved these and so does Mary Ann.

Red Fun - I picked this up for Rain. She has loved the pink and blue. This has an awesome scent to it.

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