Guest Post: Lunchbox Ideas

"Bento lunches, what is that? Woah these moms have too much time. But you know that's really cool. I want to learn to do that. Oh score they have these for adults too! I want to eat healthier" The normal thought process of looking at Bento lunches. And I just bought my first set of stuff to start making them for me, my fiance, and my daughters. Our guest writer today is a friend of mine outside of online. She has some ideas about lunches she would like to share:

Taking care of a family is something every mother and wife strives to do well. For many girlfriends/wives this takes on different meanings. For me, the way to my soon-to-be husband and our children's heart, is really through their stomachs. How excited they get over food, really makes me a happier person. Packing their lunches is something I will take great joy in. For the time being, we are apart; however, I have started helping find more ideas. Thanks to my wonderful host today, my fiance has purchased his own lunchbox system. With that comes a lot of excitement for lunch ideas. Today, I want to share with you some inspiration and ideas with you.


My inspiration comes from three places: their excitement, Pinterest, and my love for them. Any woman (or man for that matter) not using Pinterest should stop what they are doing and have a look. Pinterest has changed my life and where I look for ideas about ANYTHING. Using their reactions and their feedback on their lunches while give me inspiration on what to change and how to change it. My biggest inspiration... my love. I want to see them happy, food just happens to be the easiest way to put a smile on their faces.


For the big kids in your life...

Even big kids need lunch too. With these three ideas ranging from simple to more complex, you will be sure to find something that you like.

Looking for something a little more "adult" looking? I have found some ideas for that too.

This idea includes everything from adult lunches to kids lunches, not to mention notes and a planner to keep track of when to make what!

Wanting to be a little more healthy with Bento lunches for your kids? Here is a good resource for some healthier options.

Need some incentives to get your children to consider eating? How about this cute game plate to make them want to finish!

For the silly kid in your life.


My lunch notes will range anything from Bible verses, words of encouragement, jokes, and even love letters. I plan to use many resources for note ideas. I will even utilize the 5 Love Languages to leave words of affirmation. Below I will leave an adult option using the 5 Love Languages and a kid friendly option of jokes.

I hope that you have enjoyed my ideas for lunches today. I would like to thank my lovely host for having me write for all of you today. I would love to see any ideas that you have in the comments below.

Jessica, is the mother of two little girls, and the future wife of an IT personnel at Wedding Boutique. She writes blogs that are creative, funky and original. She spends her time reading, crafting, and helping others. She enjoys Christimas Tea and the app Happier. For more ideas and to follow her life go over to her blog at A Pop of Jess.

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