Review: Happier App/Website

Ever wish you had people cheering you on with overcoming any life obstacle? Are you tired of the same drama and whiny people on Facebook? When a stranger smiles at you don't you feel better? Guess what? There is an app for that! It's an app that has connected me to many people. Best part is (most) of us look for the true positives in everyday life.

Happier is the app to which I am referring. The application is also accessible on a website for desktop users. The app has changed my life in several ways. This isn't a sponsored post. This is a review of a girl who adores this app/website. 

I came across this app December 2013. It said to post what was making you happy at the moment and
I did. You know what was making me happy on Vinny's birthday back in 2013? Leftover Disney World snack credit snacks! It was a Mickey Head Rice Krispie! When I posted that I had no idea that I would fall in love with this app. Why? What makes this app better than Facebook or Instagram? Or even-- Candy Crush?

Positive attitudes is what makes a difference in this new social media app/website. Instead of liking something people smile. And you can't unsmile! You "statuses" are things that are making you happy right now. It can be from the past, present or even thinking about the future. It's like an online gratitude journal.

Nataly Kogan and Colin Plamondon founded Happier with one other person and the app was available for download February 2013. This just started out as a project to graph what brought people happiness!1

The app was just for iOS users when it . It wasn't until the end of 2014 that an Android version was released. My best friend kept hearing me talk and talk about Happier and she was so happy when the Andriod version was released. Granted it doesn't seem like the apps are created equally at all. I have daily Happier challenges and she doesn't (more on the Happier challenges later.)

What all does Happier offer? Like most social media sites you have a profile page. This is the landing for all your Happier moments. You have the option to name the top 3 things that bring you happiness and the ability to write a short bio. You can add a profile picture and allow the app to access your location.

The biggest offer of Happier is... the courses. No you aren't graded. It's different ways of finding more Happiness. From meditation, yoga, working out, style, and finding gratitude Happier has something for everyone. The courses are well laid out; from a reading section, a video or listening guide. Then, you can share your thoughts or part of the challenge from the course lesson that day.

For me the courses were not just what fits for me though. I decided to challenge myself even more by branching out to different courses. This is where the app has changed my life. I have found more foods, meditation and finding little things. Also style pieces that make me feel happier are in my closet now. The fact that this app (if you take it seriously) will change your life.

While you are taking a course you can browse through other members moments that are about the same course. The opportunity to encourage them is there too, from "smiling" at their moment to also commenting. You can also report moments if you think they inappropriate.

As far as other users you can keep up with them too. It's like Twitter you can follow their moments. They have the option to follow you back. Users can make their profiles private where they have to approve to let another user view their moments. You can block as well if you don't feel like someone should be able to see your moments at all.

If you have a powerful or thoughtful moment you may even be featured on the Discovered page or Featured page. One is the landing for potential new Happiers and the other is a place for happy moments that just stand out to others. I have been featured on both!

In the past few months of actively using Happier I have found myself looking at Happier more than Facebook and Instagram. It's not the same kind of obsession like them. It's the thought of finding something good. Not finding out how much better someone is making themselves look or how much better you are making yourself look over someone. It's nice to come in to a notification wall of smiles.

When people in my life are feeling down I recommend Happier. It helps me to see the bright side of a situation. It's like having a personal cheering section. At the moment I have several life friends that have joined and use it. My best friend Jessica even made us stickers for our Erin Condren Life Planners as a reminder to post a Happy moment every day!

Nataly recommends, when joining Happier, to post three times a day to really get the most out of Happier. Some times I do that and sometimes I don't. My version of Happier you get achievement awards for post 3+ moments a day that you can post on your Facebook or Twitter. It's fun to spread the Happiness to your other social media profiles.

Another great thing is that you can categorize the moments. These categories include: job, chilling out with friends, family, being nice to yourself, etc. There is a category for most the Happier moments that you will experience. You can tag your friends on Happier as well and they will be alert to when they are apart of your moment and when people comment on the Happier moment. Also post your location for
the moment as well to help people know where you are located or turn it off if you don't them to know. Also posting a picture with the moment is encouraged and helps your moment stick out.

One of my latest Discover happy moment was when we were leaving for Disney World but it was snowing in North Carolina. It was so gorgeous going down the mountain and I snapped a picture and posted it to Happier. Not only did it make me happy, but it helped put a smile on 80+ people's faces. It is a wonderful feeling knowing that you brought a smile to someone's face.

Happier has an special bundle also on their app and website. The bundle includes: a bracelet, card, journal, a collection of tea, a change purse, three pieces of chocolate, a candle, and a book, Flourish, by Martin Seligman. These items would be amazing to have possession of, but at the price of $74.95 I cannot buy it at the moment. The value is there do not get me wrong, but at the moment I cannot do that cost for those items. But, the day I do get that bundle will be a happy day-- yes that pun was intended.

Maybe you'll start your online gratitude journal on Happier. If you do look me up and I'll smile at your moments! It promise it will be amazing if you join and make a habit. This is a habit that is a good one and good for you!

1 "Happier Launches To Help You Share Your Daily Happy Moments". TechCrunch. February 7, 2013. Retrieved March 14, 2015.

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