Backyard Fantasy: Fairy Gardens, Music, Pets, and Children

What do I want my backyard space to be described as? Enchanting, whimsical, fantastical, are some of the words I would chose when speaking of my backyard. Alas, functional, spacious, and calming are some of the words that also needs to be able to describe my backyard.

When the idea of moving to Tuscaloosa from Huntsville was first given to me, I hated the idea. But after seeing how my ideas would blossom more in Tuscaloosa than Huntsville I graciously accepted. Having more time and more space to work with my ideas started growing vast.


From the time I was two years old I adored fairies. I believe it was because they were in the woods and they held magic. My parents let me be a real child and even though I was a Christian I was allowed to believe in magic. My imagination soared because they gave me that.

Tinkerbell had a profound impact on my life and that's where the fairy garden comes in at with my plans. I want a place where I can build up an area that is partially covered by trees. Many of the items I plan on making and some the items for the fairy garden I want to buy. Here are a few pins that I adore:

When The Great Fairy Rescue was released as a Tinkerbell movie I knew I must make fairy houses. It's too amazing and whimsical to not make them. After I do believe in fairies! I have Disney magic!


My recent love is meditation. I am still forming my habit of it and I am realizing the power of nature while meditating. So I do want somewhere away from the house in the yard away from the kids and pets to do meditation, yoga, and just enjoy some time reading in the garden.

My plan is to create a sacred space away from the yard from the pets and pool. I also want this area to be away from my herb garden that I plan to grow. Succulents are fine because I do want an oasis-like area for me to relax and enjoy. 

Speakers that are weatherproof is my goal to have to be able to pipe through the yard for parties and relaxing. Everyone can benefit from music even the animals. Plus, since my best friend will be my neighbor I don't have to worry about that.


When I first started thinking about the patio, deck, pool and garden I forgot about Vin's larger dogs. Sure I have dogs but they rarely go into the backyard with his larger dogs. They prefer to "go" in the front yard most of the time. I guess they like showing everyone their business.

But I have done some research on pet backyards- what to have, what to keep a way, fences to have, and everything like that for them. My major concern for them was an area large enough for them to play and for them to have plenty of water! Alabama is extremely humid and hot, and animals need a lot of extra care in the sweltering hot summer months.


My landscaper asked me what my number one priority was and I told him that my children need an area to themselves with shade! I am always amazed at parents who don't consider this when giving their children a play area. But then I have also seen some children's daycares that don't give adequate shading for children too cool off in. 

I want them to be able to play outdoors and be kids. An area to dig, swing, slide, run, jump, climb, etc for the children is what I want. Having a playhouse is also not out of the question either since my daughters play alongside my best friend's daughters. They all love American Girl dolls and they want a place where they can play house with them. I may even have a boxcar place in the woods just beyond the yard for the children to play in because of the books, The Boxcar Children.

The Rest

Another favorite of my childhood was The Secret Garden. I was obsessed with both movies (the actual movie and the Hallmark movie.) But the book sends me into another world of bringing back to life a lonely world. It's what I want is a place that is coming alive.

The secret garden is always open now. Open, and awake, and alive. If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.

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  1. I absolutely adore the ideas that you have for your backyard. As your neighbor, I am glad that we will have such a wonderful place for our children to run, play, and explore. We both want them to use their imagination and their love for reading to fuel their excitement and play time.