Sunday's Questions with A Pop of Jess

Every Sunday for the next 20 weeks I'll be doing thought provoking questions with Jessica from A Pop of Jess. We have a 100 questions and will be answering 5 a week. We are doing this for personal growth and to let everyone get to know different things about us. The questions was sent to us to answer at once, but we decided that it would be a better idea to extend the questions to a few each week.

Answering these questions publicly is a huge risk for us so we hope you enjoy them. Jessica is the author of A Pop of Jess and is the friend that I can always count on. Her interesting look on life is always unusual. Her post for today can be found here.

The Questions for 03/29/15

How do I want to feel?

In my life I want to feel like I am doing what God wants me to do. To do His will and to fulfill why He placed me on this earth. One of the other ways I want to feel after that is I want to feel like I am successful in life. Just feel like what I am doing is amounting to something. Happiness is also something I want to feel.

As for other emotions I want to feel real passion, peaceful, contentment, needed, awed, etc. Life is full of emotions and I want to experience them in a way that is pleasing to God. I just want to feel satisfied with life that God has given to me for me to enjoy.

What Lessons am I Learning Right Now?

Lessons are hard to learn from life. Lessons learned in school come easy for me. Lessons can be fun and they can be difficult. The lessons I'm learning in life are in a wide variety at the moment.

The first lesson is that I am learning the power of prioritizing. Planning and prioritizing is something I love but actually placing these things into action is something I have to learn to actually do.

The second lesson I am learning right now is that there is always something new to learn and that we can learn from things we are scared of in life. Facing fears and embracing new rituals is something that I need to learn to do more of while I still can.

The third lesson that is showing in my life is that I can control everything. I have many people who are willing to help me with anything, but they can't help me in everything. That's hard to understand that the things I have always known are changing and there is nothing anyone can do to help it to not change.

What Did I Love to Do as a Child that I Can Do Today?

As a child I adored having imagination adventures. There are times when my children are playing imagination and I feel a stab of jealousy that they can turn off the world's problems and pretend to be fighting dragons and stepping on stones (pillows) to avoid the lava. Finally, I learned to just join in which results in more giggling and screaming.

Another thing, that I enjoyed as a child that I do now is baking. Nothing brings my family together (then and now) more than food. Baking with my girls using the Easy Bake Oven is so much fun. We laugh and eat dough (yes yes yes but none of us have gotten a disease yet.)

But the most important to me that I can still do is enjoy Disney World. I still get excited seeing the castle's top while on the bus or the monorail. The butterflies are having a party in my stomach when I get to meet the characters. And I jump on my bed when we get to the resort.

Where Have I Been Forcing Myself to Heal Faster than What Feels Right?

Here lately I feel like I have been forcing myself to heal more about my blog and my mewmaw. For the blog I keep feeling like I am still struggling to find balance. And my mewmaw I feel like I may have forced myself to heal from hearing such shocking news that we won't have her for very much longer. It hurts just writing that.

What Relationship Can I Remove Myself?

The relationship I can remove myself from is ones that no longer serve God. There is no purpose to have a relationship with someone if God isn't the center of it. Relationship need a good foundation and I want it to be more than just a weak relationship that only serves one person.

Check back next Sunday for the next questions! Feel free to answer them yourself!

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