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The sun is rising, but I can't really tell other than the dark gray is turning to a light gray. It's a cloud covered day. After some tea and some Bible reading I dress in my attire. Wicks are lighted with fire and the flames start to dance as I light each candle. The day has started and it's time for my yoga with the first stretch.

Yoga became part of my life because of a video game. Yup, a video game called Wii Fit Plus was the one to make me curious about yoga. Because, before the game, I thought it was all crazy poses and chanting. Then I went to college and actually found a yoga class to go to and I fell in love with yoga.

Yoga can seem overwhelming and discouraging to someone just trying out yoga for the first time. Many don't know where to begin and don't know if they are doing it. It has been many years of me thinking I was doing it wrong or it was wrong to do it, but now I am sure that I have found my love for yoga in a balance theme for me.


Let's start off with why I love yoga? Yoga has changed my body. I have mentioned before that I dance, pole dance, and run. Yoga is beneficial to all of those because it strengthens my core muscles and legs muscles. But yoga is a broad term because there are several different kinds of yoga.

I am not a yoga instructor or even a yoga guru or anything like that. Truth be told I went into yoga thinking I would just be bored while doing poses. But, that turned out to not be the case. There are so many different kinds of yoga to do. If you need help deciding what kind of yoga to do you can look at this chart and decide.

And I will be upfront and say that I use Manduka a lot. I am not sponsored by them or anything. I just love their products. The company has a strong quality about them as well.

The Mat

There is a lot that goes into with buying a yoga mat. At first I didn't realize that when I was just started yoga. Going into Target seeing a cheap one and out the door I went with it. However, I was back in there again within a couple of months because my mat had started falling apart.

Now I am not going to bore you on my blog with the details of what goes into a yoga mat for great usage. I am going to let Popsugar tell you because they really know: Tips On Buying Your First Yoga Mat.

And as much as I love their suggests for what to look for in durability and material. Color does matter to the yoga person. I have three different mats. Because I do different kinds of yoga. Each mat serves for a different kind of yoga. Each of my mats are different colors. To find out what your mat color says about you click here.

I have a lot of mats because as time has passed I have fell in love with yoga. Practicing even while traveling does help me. It makes me have a brighter day. 


At this particular moment I do not have a bag for yoga. The one I was using was just a Victoria Secret bag from a Black Friday Special. So I am in the market for one.

I have found one that I am really loving from Lululemon and it's the best one I have found so far. I like how it has pockets and compartments. The Travelling Yogini Rucksack is on it's way to me!

The Other Things

Hand + Face Towels - I have three sets of these - Hot Pink/Blossom, Lavender/Lime, Sapphire/Emerald. I have these

Blocks, Bolsters, & Straps -

Manduka Cork Block

Prana Wonderblock - This is great for extension of the arms. It has a rounded top for better hold as well.

Sukasana Pillow - Solid - Aqua

Sandbag - Solid - Purple

Standard Bolster -- Solids - Aqua

Round airCORE™ Bolster

Cotton Yoga Strap - Pink and Turquoise

Clean Mat -

Mat Renew Travel Spray

Mat Travel Spray

Bottle Water -

kate spade new york Water Bottle

Train Like a Beast Detox Timer Bottle

2-Pack Lifefactory 16-Ounce Flip Cap Beverage Bottles Turquoise and Raspberry

Clean Me -

Herban Essentials - Yoga and Mixed

Facial Cleansing Towelettes

Playtex Sport Playtex Sport Body Wipes Travel Pack

The Space

The space that I do yoga and, most of time, meditation is usually the same. I try to make it the same when I am traveling as well. I prefer to do yoga in natural light as much as I can except for night time yoga which I do by candle light.

I have essential oils and candles for the area to smell good. While at home I do keep plants around me as well as a small rock garden to balance myself. For more information about smells during yoga you can click here: A Beginners Guide to Essential Oils and Yoga

Lately, I have started a book of mantras to keep around; along with my prayer journal and Bible is also always with me. For music it varies on a day to day bases. My iTunes and Pandora radio are the source for the sound while I am doing yoga or meditation. I have found my favorite album is Chakra Healing Zone. It really helps sets up a perfect full body time. If you want to see what other people have in their sacred space there is a good article written about it here to give you some inspiration.

Traveling yoga and meditation is really simple. Making sure that my mat is near the window is essential. Most of the time I have essential oils with me or a wallflower. I do try to carry some calming objects. Ranging from my person Bible, fake flowers, and a few stones.

The Board, Boxes and Books

I have two boards: One for meditation and one for yoga

Youthful Yoga

Meditation Medley

Yup there is boxes for the yoga enthusiast in your life!

Yogi Surprise


Yoga Bliss

There are countless books about yoga:

Yoga for Christians: A Christ-Centered Approach to Physical and Spiritual Health through Yoga

Holy Yoga: Exercise. for the Christian Body and Soul

The Yoga Bible: The Definitive Guide to Yoga Postures

The Heart of Yoga: Developing a Personal Practice

Yoga as Medicine: The Yogic Prescription for Health and Healing

The Benefits

Even if you have joint problems or some other ailment there are yoga things you can do.

Yoga for Back Pain

Yoga Therapy for Your Knees

Other Health Benefits

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