Mini Current 3.27.15

Today was a pretty amazing. I spent the morning helping the boy scout leader of Troop 316. They are parking cars for tomorrow for Tuscaloosa's Blue Angel show. My IT guy (who is also a friend) came along. A guy in Lowe's is a dangerous thing and honestly, if we weren't on company time I could have stayed in there too.

After lunch I took the same friend to the place where my sister works (I used to work here too and I had gotten approval from the President of the company.) So while the afternoon drew on we watch the different acts of the air show practice. My IT friend loves to fly. He has his license to fly but hasn't flown in a while because of circumstances but he soon will be again! Seeing his excitement made my day!

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“He wielded verbal italics as if they were capable of actual bodily harm.”  - Prudence

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  1. I loved this post. It still makes me smile to know just how amazing you are for thinking of him and for just how excited and happy he was that day. I can never thank you enough.