A Family Story

You read about it, you see it on television, and you glance at it on the Internet... Life changing events happening to other people. Your life seems like straight lines, a black and white photo that is a little blurry so it isn't perfect. Then, a destructive person takes a fluorescent pink Sharpie marker and draws a pink squiggle line on the right side. Then someone takes a crimson crayon and draws an "x" over it. Your perfect life is now blurry and tainted with obnoxious colors and draws on it. But upon closer look you see the photo has shadows lurking in the back. Then you realize life is never going to be the same. But keep calm they now have products to get rid of Sharpie marks and crayon scribbles. You just have to deal with the blurriness and the shadows. You now have an event that turned your life upside down.

What can cause a person to question everything she knows? Well first for me, it's the lies that mother told and did. And then, there is the fact that I am mom without ever giving birth to a van full of girls. Am I complaining? No not hardly.

First, I am not asking for pity I am explaining that I have been dealing with the mess that mother caused and left my family. My usual manner is that I make her out to be a monster. My dad and stepmom remind me constantly that she did have her good moments. But lately, they have been having trouble admitting that too because of the situations.

See, I grew up thinking I was the only girl in a quaint little family of four children. I was sadly mistaken. My mom lied and hide things from my dad to hopefully one day get back at him for never treating her right in her eyes. He treated her wonderfully he just didn't give into her every want. So she hid a lot of things like pregnancy from him. She abandoned her family and children several times. We just started finding out some of this in the past few months.

So, my mother is out of my life for good. We are rebuilding our family back and taking in the ones we knew nothing about all these years and getting to know them. My mom tried to hold us back but instead she has made us into a large strong family.

How strong are we exactly? Well, we overcome people who think that they can weaken us by trying to intimidate us but it backfires on them. We are strong in our beliefs and we love and support each other.

Second, the last time I was really blogging I only had two daughters. That is no longer the case for me. Vin was a guardian for one of his friends and then we found out about his brother's other daughters. And then I adopted three of my sisters. So tally that up and we have 10 daughters. Granted we have one that is almost legal but she is also legally blind so we have her and helping her.

Was these girls part of mine and Vinny's plan? No, but would we change it? No! We love our larger than life family and yes we are planning to have our own once we are married. We know that the Lord has a plan for us and we are open to anything. The devil may think he can make us weak but we are armed with God's armor.

Yes, life right now is hectic but each day I am finding the good in it. Many things help remind me that each day may not be good but there is some good in each day. It's a healthy reminder and helps me keep grounded.

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