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It's a hashtag I love to use on Instagram. It's a label that I have a conflict with emotions with when I use it or it is used against me. But I am not alone with this problem... I am a planner addict and proud! Best thing is so is my best friend Jessica (ya know the one that guest post for me the other day? Yeah her!) So we are doing a collab today! Get inside our planners and our thoughts on the planner that we bonded over!

If you have a Life Planner or a planner answer the questions in a comment or on your own blog and tag us in it! We would love to read your answers!

1. Do you use any other planners beside EC LP?

Yes I do. I use one from Target, I use a Cozi calendar, and I am thinking of using a Filofax or Kate Spade for my business.

2. Do you prefer simple pages or decorated pages?

Decorated pages for my LP.

3. What made you decide to purchase EC over other planners?

It's is a brand that I have purchased in the past and have been pleased with them in the past.

4. Do you own any other EC products other than your planner?

I do. A notebook, trays, covers, notepads, and business cards.

5. When do you do your planning, Morning, day or night? Do you plan daily?

It varies. I don't plan too much daily.

6. What supplies do you use more frequently?

Stickers!!!! Washi tape! And pens!

7. Do you carry it with you or leave it at home?

I carry it most places.

8. Do you have a pouch for your planner or just put it in your purse?

Just in my purse - I used to have it in a pouch and I discovered I used it less because it was a hassle to get in out.

9. What pens do you use?

Staedtler - My review of them - HERE

10. Do you use any inserts or dashboards?

I have one insert

11. Do you like the perpetual calendar?

I do! One is a gratitude journal and one is what is it supposed to be used for!

12. Do you use a color coding system?

Sometimes, even as far as rarely.

13. What would you like to see changed about the EC LP?

No coil! Note pages behind the monthly spread! Just more!

14. What covers do you have and are there more that you want?

I have the Union Jack Flag, the teal silver foil, and the party pop color one. I do want the THAT GIRL one at the moment. To begin with I wanted it for the saying because it's the song that Vin gets all melting like on. But then I started reading about the charity and I want it even more now! I'd still love a Haunted Mansion one.

15. What would you like included in the LP that isn't already there?

Lifestyle sections. I don't want a booklet to clip in! I want something that is apart of my planner!

16. What are your favorite aspects of the LP?

How it keeps me motivated. I love the colors (for the most part) and the design.

17. How do you use each section? Weekly? Monthly? Notes? Stickers? Zipper Pouch?

Weekly - Home stuff and personal Monthly? Challenges and important things. Note - Catch all for that year. Stickers - I use them for their events and the blank ones I use on my weekly pages. Zipper pouch houses extras for me; stickers, clips, coil clips, magazine articles, notes, and planner supply business cards!

18. Favorite stores? In person and Online?

In person would is a tie: Target and Hobby Lobby. Online: KGPlannerPlannerKateOnceUponAWashi

19. Do you have a name for your planner?

I don't have a name for it. My fiance calls it LP, but he is a weirdo with a Filofax.

20. Do you have your name on your cover, a quote, or both?

On the one right now it says:
Hunter Collins
Let It Go

For the questions answered by the lovely Jessica from A Pop of Jess click the following link,

Jessica, is the mother of two little girls, and the future wife of an IT personnel at Wedding Boutique. She writes blogs that are creative, funky and original. She spends her time reading, crafting, and helping others. She enjoys Christimas Tea and the app Happier. For more ideas and to follow her life go over to her blog at A Pop of Jess.

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