What's On My iPhone

 You may think I'm crazy... "Oh you may not think I'm pretty, but don't judge on what you see, I'll eat myself if you can find a smarter hat than me."  Actually no this is about my phone. You can probably tell I have an iPhone. The one I am currently using is the traditional - no whistles or bells regular old iPhone 5.

 My wall paper for my phone is the Haunted Mansion wall paper. I really like the wallpaper because it's just different. It matches a lot of my things at this point. My obsession with the Haunted Mansion has grown so much over the last few months. Don't believe me check out my Pinboard: Foolish Mortals.

Now to explain what you will see on this post for today. I screenshot all of my folders on my phone so you could see how I have everything organized. I am pretty weird about some of the organization on my phone I get told that all the time.

I'll have links to the apps if possible. A mini review of the app will be beside the link so you can understand why I have the app and how I like it.
 Ahhh my homescreen, with my personal picture of Cinderella's castle! Now as you can see some of my apps on here do not go into a folder. The standard apps on here that will have not link are Settings, Clock, Camera, Mail, App Store and Photos.

Google Calendar - I wanted there to be a Google Calendar App for so long because I actually use Google Calendar. It has taken me some time getting used to the iOS version of Google Calendar but I love it!

Pinterest - This should be self explanatory because you know I'm addicted to Pinterest. (15,501 pins!)

YouTube - Again should be self explanatory because I really watch some YouTube. Also since I have started creating my own videos I use this as well.

Instagram - I love instagram. I like to post but I love to browse as well.

Gmail - Yes the iPhone comes with a mail app. The bad thing is if you have a gmail account it doesn't let you have the option to delete emails. So that's why I have the Gmail App.

Notes and Nike + iPod (even though I do use this!)

Clue - My female tracker that is actually spot on! I love this app! It has a password protection but also a discrete way of alerting you in the drop down notifications.

Evernote - My nifty notepad that is sync everywhere! Plus it will store the actual websites for me.

Google Drive - Documents, pictures and files are all stored here. It syncs everywhere like Evernote.

Google News - Can you tell I'm addicted to Google products? Yes Facebook has news but since I travel to different states a lot I have this customized to tell what's going on in all of those areas.

Inbox by Gmail - Another form of Gmail but it helps me prioritize my emails. This is relatively new so there are some kinks. This is becoming one of my favorite apps.

The Knot - Because this girl is getting married in February! The knot has all of my information. This has my plans and countdowns. But most importantly it has my countdown.

Goodreads - Oh my how I love this app. It keeps a record of all the books I have read, will read, and am reading. I can connect to other readers through groups. Plus there are challenges and other things.

iBooks - Is technically an Apple product. I have Kindle on my my iPad, but I have iBooks on here. I actually like both.

Bible - This Bible app is amazing. It has NCV which is my favorite translation. There are challenges and devotions built in this app. Also you can share verses and highlight ones that you like.

Videos and Game center are both Apple apps.

Pandora - I adore Pandora for music! I have several Disney stations and Christmas stations.

Peak - Probably my most favorite game ever! It's a brain game that really challenges you every day! I love it!

94% - Is really a game like Family Fued that you play by yourself. You have a clue and you have to come up with 94% of what people say about that clue.

Cover Orange 2 - I was addicted to Cover Orange back in 2010 and I loved it and now I'm addicted to the sequel came! Save the oranges from the acid rain!

 Probably my most used folder!

Facebook - I am not even typing anything else here.

Twitter - Here lately I've been using Twitter more and more. It's fun and very addicting!

Happier - Ya'll know I love my online gratitude journal. You can read my review of this app here.

Safari - Apple App

Messenger - Trust me the only reason I have this is so I don't have to text as often.

Chrome - Syncs with the rest of my Google products. Just a great way to continue browsing

Google - Yep I even have the regular good ol' Google search app.

Groups - I love Facebook groups. I am a member of several Planner, Parenting, Blogging and Fitness groups.

Google + - This app is actually my favorite design for a social media app. It has a really smooth flow through statuses and posts.

Hangouts - I use this for talking to my old boss and occasionally Vincent and Jessica.

Influenster - Becoming a new Influenster that posts daily is easier with the app thank goodness!
Passbook is an Apple App and I rarely use it except for giftcards.

Etsy - It's nice to be able to track purchases and purchase things on the go!

Hobby Lobby - That 40% off coupon on the mobile App comes in handy so often. Plus I like being able to look at what is on sale.

Disney Store - Of course I have this. The reason being because you never know when you are going to need some new Disney lounge pants.
 Most everything in my Utilities folder is Apple.
Podcasts - Which I use for all my Disney Podcasts, Motivational, Fitness, and sagas.

Health - It's pretty good for keeping up with everything to show a doctor.

Reminders, Voice Memos, Newsstand, FaceTime, Calculator

Find iPhone - I really love having this app! Yep I'm that person.

Tips - I think this is pointless wasted space on the iPhone!
 I use Stocks, Contacts, and Apple Watch. The rest of these apps I haven't opened in so long.

 Dark Sky - I love love love how this app warns me that it is starting to drizzle wherever I'm at! Then it tells me where the nearest location is receiving rain or snow.

Weather Radio - James Spann recommended app. All kinds of warnings and radars.

Spann 24/7 - I have to have my man Spann!

Most of the time I also keep Ustream and/or Livestream in this folder as well because if the power or cable goes out I can watch it on my phone.

Disney Movies - I love having my Disney movies everywhere I go! Seriously love that they have every SINGLE Disney movie in the palm of my hand.

Inquizitive - Ok this has become like my favorite app! Disney trivia and personality tests galore! Loving it!

Disney World - The app that lets you FastPass+, reservations, track where you are at and line times. This is just for Disney World though. This is also known as My Disney Experience.

WDW Lines - This is called lines because of it tells the lines but I also keep a loose itinerary in this app as well. I pay $20 a year for all the parks like Universal Studios, Disneyland, and Disney World.

SorcererRadio - "All Disney Music, All Day Long." Seriously their catch phrase and seriously Disney park music!

Disneyland - The app that lets you FastPass+, reservations, track where you are at and line times.

Disney Side - Show off your Disney Side and become the characters with this app. I love it because it is so much fun.

Memories HD - I love love love the Disney Camera! It's awesome for the parks and not in the parks.

Disney Zoom - This is a seriously cool app! The Disney Zoom app uses image recognition technology that allows you to scan and interact with a selection of Disney movie posters, advertisements, in-store displays, product packaging and more to bring your Disney experiences to life!

Repost - This is the app I use most often with IG because it allows me to repost of someone else's without having to take a screen shot!

Framatic - To be able to make picture collages for FB, IG, and Twitter! Plus it's awesome for adding words to it as well.

Video Crop - This app allows me to crop not only the video it's self in time but in shape also! I love it for that reason.

Typic - If Framatic doesn't give me a good caption with words this app here is my saving grace. It has so many fonts to pick from and add to pictures.

Capture - YouTube capture is something that I really love lately because I can take video of anything and instantly add it to YouTube!

Studio - This app helps me design and upload my video to YouTube. It helps me to see the stats on my videos as well.

PicFlow - Making a video with just pictures as never been easier. However I don't know how much longer I will have this app because  I did discover I have a program on my computer that does this a lot better.

My Chakra 2 - This is a great way to really focus on each Chakra and experience the music to help you really filter out the the aura so you get a good energy flowing through.

iSleep Easy - Meditation for sleep. I love this because I fall into such a deep sleep.

Simply Being - Is the app I turn to when I just need a few minutes to myself. It helps me center myself to focus.

Sleep Cycle - I love this app! It really records my sleep helps me realize when I will sleep better and when I won't with temperature, sickness, and weather! It helps me realize when I wake up in the middle of the night. Plus the alarm on this is a God send. It wakes you up slowly. It starts 20 minutes before your loud alarm goes out so it gradually wakes you up making you more willing to greet the day.

Heart Rate - I like to take this about three times a day. Granted it's sometimes not always perfect but it's really close in a pinch. Though I have been looking at another app Runtastic Heart Rate.

Power Nap - Again from the same company as Sleep Cycle this app. This app will wake you up from a power nap before you fall into a real deep sleep. It works so amazing!

Chakras - This app explains how to cleanse the chakras and how to open the mind for meditation.

CareZone - Keeps tabs on medicines and symptoms for you to be able to show your doctor.

Instant BP - This is a really cool app! Because I have tested it against a Blood Pressure cuff and it is very accurate.

Tone It Up - I love the Tone it Up series of fitness. I love this simple yet effect app!

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