A Frozen Journey

A Frozen movie first date...

A Frozen proposal...

A second Frozen proposal...

So why not a frozen wedding?

That's exactly what Vincent and I are planning. Will it be like the movie? No. It will, however, full of ice and snowflakes with a warm, comforting country flair. Actually we prefer to call it us and our tack on the world. Reason being? Frozen, Peter Pan, London, Harry Potter and country flairs are all hitting our wedding. We are just that nuts and that brilliant to pull that off.

Just how brilliant are we? Well we are building our own venue. The ceremony site is more of a castle-stone vibe going with it and of course the reception area is straight up barn/lodge. Why are we building our own? Because the venues we researched and viewed either didn't allow what we wanted or did fit our large guest list. This way we get to say vendors are allowed and how many people are allowed. It's a nice feeling of being in control of that and not having to settle for something we don't like.

The ceremony is going to be a mix of Frozen and Christmas at Hogwarts. Or at least that's how Vinny describes it. It makes me giggle knowing that he is just as excited about celebrating our union as I am. He has been waiting for this day though, so I do understand why he is so excited and hyped up about it. Quite honestly I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't fly in on a broom. I cannot believe I just wrote that. This is probably going to be what he does. Though, it would be different and amazing. As long as I get to burst the doors open and strut like Elsa with my daddy down the aisle I don't care if Vin shows up on a broom in his boxers.

We have some of our own union ideas and our music and intro music is VERY different. We are very unique people so why shouldn't I wedding reflect that? Why stick with traditional boring? We want to entertain people and make sure they remember our wedding. Just like Chris said, "It's your day to shine and do something to prove to people that you belong together and throwing the cash is just throwing cash for details people miss, but entertaining them is something that they will always remember."

Vinny and I both agree that we want people to have the time of their lives and not feel out of place and feel like they can't let loose at our wedding. (Though we are not having drunks until after 10 when the kids are gone.) We have so much for guests to do and our menu is still being in the process of being drawn up but we don't want fancy we want buffet that people can pig out if they want to and knowing my family-- they will.

I am still working on my cake because I want it to reflect me. I don't want some prestige cake that looks like it would be a sin to cut it. The top that I want to save for our anniversary I want to reflect us both and not just me. We have come up with the idea of Elsa and Jack but I have actually been thinking of something else like getting custom made cake toppers and having words written at the top that have meaning to us.

Regardless of the outcome expect magic (Both Hogwarts and Disney kind), love, laughter, dancing, games, and country.

We have started working on things for the wedding already. Our The Knot account is already counting down the days that is already less than 500 days! We have really enjoyed being curled up next to each other as we hash out different ideas. It's those simple things that really just get to me with him. It's nice to see that he takes such pride in our wedding that he writes things down with me.

I am actually about to purchase my two wedding planning books. The first one is the two year Erin Condren Wedding Planner. The second one is from May Designs. I want two so that I can have one that stays at home and one for traveling. I am really good about transferring information so I am really excited about this idea. Vin just plugs in the information into our Knot account and our online calendar. We are both pretty organized people so it works out wonderfully.

This is what love looks like--- Synergy!

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