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I am an avid pinner, no joke, I have 8,681 pins and counting. Each pin should tell you a little bit about me. Or at least that's how I view other's Pinterest profiles. I am the person that if I like a lot of pins I will actually scope out your profile.

I actually made an online friend through Pinterest. Nope she isn't my age at all, she's actually older than my grandma but she loved my pins and honesty and she started talking to me one night. We catch up with each other all the time now. I know all about her grand kids and her latest projects.

I actually do things off of Pinterest rather than just pin them and then completely forget. Hence how I found the crack pasta. I love to pin. I find it very relaxing yet exciting at the same time. I have heard whinoes that say "I don't pin since I don't have money to buy the things I find." Excuse me but if that was a reason to stop pinning nobody would be pinning. It's very frustrating. Plus the comments on some of the pins are just awful.

But anyhow, enough of that soapbox. Here are my latest pins and why I pinned them. I hope you enjoy!

The link to this one actually doesn't work anymore. But it's a sorority website and hello it's ADPI.

I pinned this because I love resources! I am a resource junkie! 

I don't suffer from any allergies but people around me do. I like to be prepared.

I love the idea of having an idea paper! Omg if this came on a pad that you could rip off?! Oh I would buy!

This is an awesome quote and one that should really be pushed more often!

This is another one of my internet friends and she has awesome videos and blog and book! Awesome tip from her!

Is this not precious!?!

Let's face it that's basically what he said and did.

I totally used this today! Not going to lie and I now have 4GB more free!

I have many friends that didn't let the basketball or watermelon on their stomach stop their fashion sense and there is no excuse of why any woman should look like a slob.

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