What's Up Girl?

"What's up girl?"

Those words still make me blush six years later. Ironically it's only by one person who can say those words and make me blush with that question, Vincent. He can simple say that to me and my normal outgoing self totally goes introvert. Staring at my feet and slightly giggling I go to him for a hug.

Those are the first words Vin ever said to me in my life. I had heard of him and apparently he had heard about me. When he swung the door open and said that to me looking back I realized how much of a school girl I must have seemed to him. Uncharacteristically, I blushed and looked at the floor when he said those words to me. Give me some credit though, he was shirtless and had on tight wranglers. His twang was something I will never understand. Trust me it has a twang but it's soft.

Vin and I never dated in college. We had plenty of opportunities to do so but we never did. Not for his lack of trying though because he tried his hardest. Vin would come up with a lot of things but we always had Edwin tagging along or Carolina. Now I am starting to realize that God was just preparing us.

Vinny is the man that God prepared me for all my life. He respects my independence and loves it. Which is the reason I am even writing this post. You all my have notice I rarely talk about Vin. Sure here and there occasionally in a post he will pop up, but I don't talk long times about him. Why? Because I was the girl that never needed a guy. I was quite content with never dating or having someone wonder where I was at all the time. It scared me to realize that I would be crushed without him.

Sweet beach babe, Jessica, pointed out that there is a difference in needed a man and loving a man. Lets suppose that you were injured and that you had to use crutches to move. In such a case, can you say that you love the crutches or that you want them? Of course not, you only need them because you are injured and the same exactly happens with love! Sometimes we believe that we love someone and that we want him so badly while in fact we just need him because there is something wrong with ourselves! This, however, not the reason for me wanting Vin.

Lets suppose that a girl was raised by two distant parents who never gave her care or attention, when this girl grows up she will become in need of love and she might fall for the first person who makes her feel important! In such a case she didn't want the person but she needed him and that's why she fell in love with him. If you found an interesting person who matches the criteria you wish to find in a future partner you might fall in love with him. But if you were broken, feeling down, feeling lonely or was in a desperate need to feel appreciated or loved then you might go for the wrong person just to satisfy this need even if you don't really want him!

The fact being I was pretty satisfied with life when I found Vin. That's why I think the good Lord Vin in my at two different times. He was showing me that I could easily have been in the need category with Vin, but I was trained well enough through my dad to realize what God wanted for my life.

We are more than just in love; we are each other's best friends. I can even go to him about period pain and he comes to me when he is worried about something at work. It's a wonderful thing. It's a friendship set on fire.

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