Gone Gold in September

Have you gone gold?

I love the color pink but come October it makes me mad and disgusted. I know breast cancer is terrible too but explain to me why there isn't a flock of gold for the kids in September? Where is the gold colored cameo, the gold colored cups, the gold socks and sweat bands in the NFL? Why isn't the White House lit up gold for the CHILDREN fighting for their lives?

This is a very dear subject to me. I have a little brother who fought cancer for six years and right now the doctors are saying he has fought it for good. Thing is he is now just 12 years old. He was six when cancer robbed him of a normal childhood with tumors, needles, and pain many of us could not imagine.

When he was seven he was forced into radiation and chemo when he should have been running around and learning to hunt and play football. At eight years old he was hospitalized in a different state for a new treatment instead being at school learning about descriptive words. When he was 9 he wasn't pretending to be fighting for an Olympic medal, he was fighting for his life. Yet somehow wearing gold gets looked over by people.

I was in Ulta last year and I point blank refused the pink bag. The woman behind the counter was stunned. I realize she had nothing to do with the Ulta decision to have pink bag for breast cancer awareness but let me tell you she knew why I didn't want it. UAB Hospital in Birmingham, AL got a nice little email from me when news channels blasted that they were making their fountains pink for Breast Cancer awareness.

I do not understand why we have so many companies wanting to partner for Breast cancer but can't seem to help the children. Chili's Grill & Bar is the exception in my eyes. I will be eating at Chili's a lot in the month of September get prepared to see it. They do a fundraiser every September for St. Jude's. Nobody knows how much St. Jude's does. I strongly suggest touring the grounds and donating.

You never know when it could be your child, a child in your class, your niece, your nephew, cousin, brother, sister, etc. Just yesterday I learned of a little boy that I had four years ago in my student teaching that has leukemia and it's in the final stages. It's heartbreaking to learn that someone who know has cancer. There is so much to learn with these families that money goes out of your head but these treatments and procedures are not cheap.

Please there is no need to dump water on your head or anything like just donate to the children who keep a smile on their face even though they are going through something much worse than not having the blouse or lipstick color or having a hard time finding a Halloween costume.

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