Shake It Off

I haven't loved a Taylor Swift song so much since her first single. This song, however, awoke something in me. I knew that Taylor had come out with a new song but I had given up on her music because she usually does after exes. I really only watched this video because of the link Marie Claire placed on Twitter. 

I was curious as to why she was in hot water. I mean let's face it she can't be worse than Miley Cyrus twerking, licking hammers and humping an inflatable penis. I started watching the video. For starters, I was shocked it was Taylor. There was nothing country there. I kept watching the first few frames show her not having her signature red lips and I was confused. Then the chorus came on and it all made since and I liked it.

I found myself hooked on the video. I laughed at Taylor attempts do the dance moves, her scared face at the contemporary dancers, her finger dance attempt and her pompom flying. The part where she starts dancing with her fans is that part that finally made me love it. Taylor was having fun and you can tell it. It's one of those where it makes you want to dance with her. I know in the past I have called her fake but how many of do make bad mistakes just trying to find a guy. Though, I don't know about dissing them even though I love to dis my ex. I guess she is just a regular girl. 

This song has a great message. Shake off all the negativity and just keep doing things your way. It makes a great song for my girls. We had a blast dancing to it one more when I was getting ready to go back to my job.

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