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It's What Best Friends Do

I have several best friends. We may not all be together all the time (though sometimes we manage that) but that doesn't stop us from being awesome! My friends are rare people. I know they truly have my back. And when you have friends like that, you know you are not alone.

I do not like to depend on other people. I have been known to be prideful and stubborn. I certainly do not look for hand me outs. The only occasion is where I don't have the money and they want me to do something, then I let them because let's face it, it's their idea.

My friends fit all sorts of molds. But the thing I love most about my group of friends I hang out with the most? We aren't jealous. We don't bad mouth each other when the backs are turned. It really pisses off people when we lift each other up. It's funny those people get jealous and start screaming about how we are stuck up snobs. In reality? They are jealous and don't understand the concept of being proud of someone else's success.

"That's cool." "Nice." "Awesome." "Cool." Are not the responses that prove you are listening. Sure you are hearing what is being said and honestly, it shows that you are jealous and don't care. Now if those response are said before another follow up sentence then fine. But one word responses show that you are listening and it's hurtful to people. Many people will get spiteful so later on in conversations when it's your turn to talk they will do the same thing. Don't be that person.

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff Teen Journal had a whole segment about how to really listen to a person. It really helped me and I think that's why to this day I can listen to people. I really think people need to learn to listen rather than just hear and they are two different words with two different meanings. Learn the difference between the two when becoming friends with someone.

Personally, I am realizing that life has new chapters each month if you really look for them and stop wasting the day thinking life is boring. Even on my off days with nothing to do, I think of a subject that I want to know more about and I research it. I walk away feeling like I did something and I did gain knowledge on the subject. Those small things make a huge difference in my life. Don't believe me? Try it. Watch how much more you can contribute to a conversation after doing that.

The biggest thing with any friendship, is to remember the friendship you have with yourself. Are your friends encouraging you? Are they excited about your blog? Blog, they apparently love it. Do they ask to quote funny lines? They are depending on you to cheer them up. But don't be their sole dependent. Don't wait around for them. If they have a problem with you have other friends, they need to check themselves. You are your own person. Be you. If they are a true friend they will appreciate that.

And though some friends are just for a certain time doesn't mean that time was pointless. You learned and you grew from those experiences and memories. Regardless, if they are stranger or a casual friend now, they shaped you into who are now, and that person changes. So don't use that petty excuse, "They changed." You both have, but that's life. Life comes with many people and their experiences.

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