Which Witch is Which?

I promise when the middle of August comes and Bath and Body Works puts out the fall scents I am ready to put on an Alabama jersey and go out trick or treating. I love the thought of crisp air. Sweater weather where I can wear wool stockings and boots. But besides the Heritage Pumpkin smell wafting through the air, +Erica had given me something else to look forward to this fall. Haunted Happenings in Salem, Massachusetts is where we will be heading to in October for a week.

I had never heard of this series of events but Erica was talking to me about it and it is so intriguing. I went through two year kick wanting to learn all I could about the Salem Witch Trials back in high school. I think it was having to read The Crucible and The Scarlet Letter. This has revived a bit of that in me.

I have been reading up on the things we will get to do. They all sound incredible. Granted I do not believe in magic. I get flack for believing in demons and witches. It's a long sorted subject for a Christian like me. If you really want to disagree with me I suggest reading the Bible and not finding a witch or demon. So off of that subject. And people don't realize that the more you learn about other religion the more comfortable you find yourself with your own religion. Regardless of your religion and how you feel about things there is something for everyone at Haunted Happenings.

There is so much to do! I am really glad we are staying an entire week! Even the first day up there in Salem there is so much going on. Events for the whole family and some just for adults. We won't be taking our families but it's good to know that there are the options for future reference. If I know myself one day once my girls are grown I watch them to see the history before their own eyes. I, for one, know that I am a visual person to an extent and this gets me so excited.

It gets me excited just thinking about true Autumn air and weather even! Trust me I am already making out a packing list and thinking about how to manage getting all of my essentials. Because there are some things to consider. For instance I am running a 5K while up there and their weather is very different to what I am used to running in. NO HUMIDITY!!! Sorry that excited me. Seattle may have had pollution but they didn't have humidity. The drawback of being the girl from Alabama. But this girl gets to wear a sweater and so she is perfectly thrilled.

We have plenty of time to explore the different events. We will talk about which ones we want to do on the certain nights in the following weeks. Some of "happenings" are; The Haunted Salem Magic Show presents “Hysteria!”, Zombie Walk 2014, The Golden Girls LIVE On Stage A Drag Parody! “The Lost Salem Halloween Episode” (Which we have to see I am sorry!), Tales and Tombstones Trolley Tour, The Dark of Night, Tales at the Witch House, Legacy of the Hanging Judge, Spirits of the Gables, Professor Wunders School of Magic!, Wicked Weekends at Gallows Hill, Salem Ink, Rory Raven's Magic Lantern Tour, Masquerade Ball at the Hawthorne Hotel, Witch City 5k, Ask A Witch and Make A Wand, and Haunted Happenings Carnival.

This is why I am so excited! Crisp cool air, girl time, and a fantastic week full of fun? I am ready for it!

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