What Do I Talk About For Two and Half Hours

Protect Your Children

Each year when I start my class there is one hand that parents overlook that I give them. "Technology and Your Child." It makes me sad because I seen these parents putting an iPad or iPhone in front of kids for car rides. Yes your child isn't crying but at what cost?

There are eight year olds sexting. The parents are blaming pedophiles, but the parents gave the child the phone. And I am saying pedophiles are not in the wrong? No, but the parents are also in the bad boat. There are ways to protect your children on the internet.

1. Know what sites that they are going to and any that they are members of those sites. I can remember I hid a lot of those from my parents. I would create extra email addresses so you have to be very careful and use the parental settings.

2. Limit the time they are allowed to physically have the technology in their hands; even a cellphone. If they need it for staying after school or at a friends house get a cheaper one and don't allow it to connect to the internet.

3. Make sure your child is mature enough. Yes there are apps for infants and toddlers. But when an eight year old is sexting and sending photos that they shouldn't even know exist it's time to take away the technology before it gets completely out of hand. Please do not be the parent that thinks your child can do no wrong with technology.

4. Teach your child to know spam and adult content. Sure that flashing ad on the side has Mickey Mouse on it but do you want your child entering your personal address trying to win a free trip? Winning a free iPhone never looked so good with that flashing ad. Teach your children that those ads are lying and not to click on them.

5. Check history, know passwords, etc. Yes you trust your kids but they can become a whole other person when given technology. Just check up on them!

These tips are just the tip of the iceberg and probably many you have heard to the point you rolled your eyes but trust me they will notice if you care enough to do these things. It may really come out to help them more if you sit down with them. I have been working on this subject since I was in college and it's a subject that is even more close to my hearts since I have children of my own now. Keep them safe.

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