Cute Stickers: To Make Your Planner Look Adorable

And Their Affordable! 

It's not uncommon for me to pour over my planner for hours making it look cute and yet serve it's purpose. I love Etsy for cute things for my planner but that's not my sole place to get things for it these days. I do have the Erin Condren Life Planner. I will be posting a true review of it coming soon. 

So without further ado the stickers:

I buy stickers from every where that I think could possibly sell sticker. For instance, in the picture above, show the diversity of stores of which I bought them from when I went sticker shopping. Etsy, Dollar General and Walmart are displayed above. 

First on the list is my Tinkerbell Stickers! I love these stickers for marking when I have to work because they have chunky glitter on them and not just the tiny glitter on them. They pop when the lights hit my planner making it dazzle. I buy more all the time. 

Second on my list is my Kamio Japan kawaii RIBBONS sticker sheet! I love these little girls for stating that I blogging in my planner! So when you see a bow in my planner know that I blogging or have something with my sorority going on. Usually the sorority will be marked with a blue bow though.

Next up is my list is my Lisa Frank Sticker which I bought at the Dollar General. These were a book of 400 but this really the only page I use from the entire book. The stickers are small enough to use a bullets or decorations for my planner. 

Kawaii Japan Sticker sheet Assort: Cute Monster Point Stickers are my favorite little stickers! I mean out of all of my stickers these are my favorites because there are so many different little monsters on here! They all have their own little job! They are so cute and there are so many of them on a sheet!!!

And last but not least, Japan Pink She Lost Her Way sticker ALICE IN WONDERLAND these are my character favorite because they involve TEA! I love the different little stickers! And they stick so well! I love these and the gold spade... Can we say Kate Spade?

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