Sinus Infection Retail Therapy

I decided it was time for a little retail therapy since I was sick.

Academy Sports

Nike Women's Define Bra - I basically went to Academy for sports bras and that's exactly what I left with.

Nike Women's Pro Printed Sports Bra - Again

Nike Women's 'Fly Vibe Padded Bra - I bought four different colors of this one.

Champion Women's Spot Comfort High Support Sports Bra - A comfy one!

Victoria's Secret

I have used up all of my VS gift cards now!!!

Slouchy Baseball Tee Pink - Love this!

Ruched Shortie Panty Yeah Right - Hehehe

Ruched Shortie Panty Pink Dog - I love these style!

Rose Lace Back V String Panty Buff - I adore these!

No Show Cheekster Panty Mint - I love this color!

Allover Lace Mini Cheekster Panty - Hehehe I love the polka dots.

Lace Trim Hipster Panty - I love the saying on these!

U of A Bling Varsity Crew - I love how this sparkles!

U of A Half Zip Windbreaker - I need a good windbreaker until I can get the one I want from Eddie Bauer.

U of A Tunic Hoodie - I like how this looks old school.

U of A Boyfriend Half Zip - Again I like how the style of this is old school.

U of A Crew Neck Tee - I like this just for the simplicity of it.

Graphic Leggings - I loved these so much I got three pairs!!

Rose Lace Waisted Leggings - I like the detail on these. Good for a crop top.

Leggings - Just plain leggings

Most Loved Yoga Pants - I loved these so much. I bought two pairs. Now I have a pair for each day of the week.

Fleece off-the Shoulder Tunic - Super comfy

Yoga Leggings Plain - I love these!

Boxy Crop Top - I wanted a crop top that would be great for the fall.

Pink Piece Sky Blue Leggings - Super cute! I love the dog detail.

Disney World

Jack Skellington and Sally Tee for Women - I like how this looked. I love Nightmare Before Christmas so this was a shoo in for me.

Jack Skellington Bangle by Alex and Ani - Again obsessed with Nightmare Before Christmas so I had to get this!

Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas MagicBandits Set - These aren't for me actually. I bought these for a friend that is going with me to Disney in January. I may have to buy a second set now though.

Haunted Mansion Musical Jewelry Box - I love love love this music box. It's beautiful in it's features. I am going to be collecting bracelets and Disney keys so this is where I'll be stowing them.

Jack Skellington Light Set - Hee! I love that I can use these for either Christmas or Halloween. I bought two sets.

Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Light Set - Now this set is a different story and I bought four sets of these.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Halloween Mug Set - Walt Disney World - These are housing tea bags of Twinings Chai Pumpkin Spice and Chai Apple Spice.

Beautifully Disney Eye Liner Set - Tangled Web - The fall make up collection by Disney is amazing! I love every bit of it!

Beautifully Disney Eye Shadow Set - Tangled Web - These are very out there colors but hey its fun to play around with colors. Plus being the fall that's when I play with color the most.

Beautifully Disney Nail Appliqués - Tangled Web - I bought three of these sets! Two for me and one for Beach Babe.

Beautifully Disney 2-In-1 Brush Collection - Tangled Web - This is very unique coming from Disney. I hope to see more things like this from Disney. This does not have the quality of Sigma but it has the quality of Sedona Lace that's for sure!

Beautifully Disney Mini Nail Polish Set - Tangled Web - So very different than their past colors. I like the wild very different colors.

Beautifully Disney Mini Lipstick Set - Tangled Web - I am actually itching to try out these colors.

Beautifully Disney Cruella De Vil Lip Gloss - Tangled Web - I ended up only getting two of these. This one and...

Beautifully Disney Evil Queen Lip Gloss - Tangled Web - I love these! Beautiful reds!


Disney Minnie Mouse Fashion Diaper Tote - I love love love this! And since my youngest one is still in diapers at the moment this will come in handy.

Disney Minnie Mouse/Mickey Mouse 3-Piece Diaper Bag Set - Now don't go getting all freaked out. I am not using this one for a diaper bag. In fact I am going to use it as a planner bag.

Keurig Platinum K70 Single Serve Coffeemaker Brewing System - I am putting this into my office.


Vaseline Jelly - Was running low and needed some.

Kleenex Cool Touch Tissues - Obsessed and not ashamed. I love these!

CVS Probe Covers - Knew it was a good idea to stock up on these.

Mucinex D 12 Hour Expectorant & Nasal Decongestant Extended-Release Tablets - Yep stocked up on this too.

CVS Adult Severe Cough & Congestion Liquid Maximum Strength - Normally I go for the real deal but this stuff tastes better.

Kate Spade

Cherry Lane Stacy Gold - I love the name. I love the look. I'm sorry but it's just simply wonderful. I love how it flashes.

Paint Brush Thank You Card Set - I needed some thank you cards and I am tired of trying to find ones I like in local stores so I bought these! I bought two sets of these!

Sticky Note Set - I don't know if I will use these in my planner but they are already being used on my paper work around my desk.

Spiral Notebook - I was underwhelmed by the big notebook from Eric Condren. This beauty is for my to take my childcare notes in.

Treat Yourself Reusable Shopping Bag - Maybe I have an obsession with these...

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