My Loves

We Have Our Niches

It's a known fact I have things that I am obsessed with and therefor those things affect my life. Some of these things they are obvious because I talk about them all the time. Though, though are a few things I kept to myself.

The Disney Company is one of my favorite things in this world. I am not a big fan of the Disney Channel but I used to be a big fan. However, most things Disney, I love with my whole heart. I was born and raised in Disney practically. Just like my daughters are being raised that way. People think that Disney is too commercial. While that might be true in some cases, don't forget it all started with a mouse.

Maybe she's born with it maybe it's Maybelline. Or Urban Decay, Revlon, Physicians Formula, etc. I love make up. I have been obsessed since my Freshman year in high school. I used to be very caution of it. I would test make up out on paper. I would create the look first on paper and then recreate it on my face or someone else's face. I went to school for casual make up, show make up and FX make up. I love make up so much that I have a whole collection of things in a database. Though are the days I "free" my face. Make up just enhances my true beauty that I know I have like a lady.

Comforter, Big, Ultrabland, Herbalism, etc. Yes I am diehard Lushie! People ask me if I have worked at Lush all the time because of how quickly and easily I spit information out. No I haven't. I do have the coffee table book which I have read three times. I purchase things from them every two weeks. I don't think I can get a bath without a Lush product these days. Though sometimes I do love Basin products.

Roll Tide! Seriously, I get chill bumps when I hear Bear Bryant talk. My heart races when I hear Thunderstruck. And, I am overcome with joy when I get to sing Sweet Home Alabama and scream Roll Tide Roll with 101, 821 other people! It means the world to me. Trust me I was raised right; wear a Crimson Tide shirt while visiting Disney World!!!

But something I love so much I spend hours pouring over information? Teaching. More specifically; how to keep a child safe and help them grow. Today I gave a speech about the importance of technology limitations with children. It's very dear subject to me. Special needs children of all kinds are also very dear to me. It is amazing to help reach out to these children and prove to them that they have no real limitation if people help them out instead of being selfish.

I have a million more things that I love but these are the main ones.

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