Food a Plentiful

A few years ago my dad would buy from a food ministry called Angel Food Boxes. They were forced to stop because they were not doing things like they were suppose to be doing. But these boxes are a great way to help others and even help yourself in the process.

These boxes are packed with food and are great grade quality food but at low prices. I know some of these are from different states but if you find one near you help support them! Buy a family that is in need one and pass on the ministry of helping others! Hunger is all around us and sometimes it helps the children see that there is some good in the world.

Gospel Food Ministries

Smart Food Choice

One Harvest Food Ministries

Another way to help with hunger in your area is to pack snacks for children. Sure they may get help with their lunches but what about kids on the weekend? Hunger is not just a 5 day thing. It's all week. Start up a Pack A Snack area in your location. It will mean the world to a child to have something to eat on the weekend. It really could change how they view the world and help keep the children healthy.

My only word of caution is to remember some children have allergies. Keep this in mind when packing the food near food that contains nuts and such. It will be great if every child gets the opportunity for them to be able to eat something on the weekend!

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